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Revitalise Your Skin With a Collagen Facial and Lifestyle Tips To Achieve More Youthful Skin

Achieve Youthful and Firm Skin with my new Advanced Collagen Facial Treatment, Utilising Natural and Organic Marine Collagen Skincare from Japan and South Korea as well as some helpful tips and lifestyle changes that can help to improve your collagen production, to achieve healthier, firmer and more youthful skin.

Why Have a Collagen Facial?

If you have been lucky enough to be able to head off this year to somewhere hot and sunny, or if you have been enjoying the last of the very late UK summer sunshine, you will know how your skin feels after it has had a bit too much sunshine and the suns rays. You may be feeling that your skin feels dryer, more dehydrated and in need of a moisture hit.

During the summer months, exposure to the sun's rays can result in skin damage, such as hyperpigmentation, dehydration and premature aging. A collagen facial can help to address these concerns and provide hydration and nourishment to the skin, leaving it looking and feeling refreshed, rehydrated and rejuvenated.

Having a Collagen facial after the summer months can be beneficial for the skin for several reasons. The hot and humid weather during the summer can also cause excess sweating, increased oil production, and clogged pores, leading to breakouts and dull skin. A facial can help to deeply cleanse the skin, remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and improve skin texture and tone.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a big buzzword in the skincare world. Yet despite a huge rise of collagen products in recent years, many people don’t actually know what it is, what it does in the body, or even if it is any good for you.

Does this sound like you?

Read on to learn all you need to know about collagen, including the benefits of collagen for skin and how introducing it to your skincare routines can help reclaim that youthful glow.

Collagen is a powerful protein that is naturally present in our skin, bones, and connective tissues. It is responsible for providing structure and elasticity, to our skin, keeping it firm and plump. As well as improving joint health, and muscle mass.

It is, in fact, our most abundant structural protein making up one-third of the protein in our bodies. What this basically means is it’s the main framework for our cells and tissues, providing structure, strength and support throughout our body – a bit like the glue that holds everything together. As such it plays a key role in many of our major structures, including skin, hair, bones, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, cartilage and connective tissues. Collagen is full of amino acids which are really important for our body to function normally. The right levels of collagen keeps our joints healthy, protects our kidneys, makes sure our cardiovascular system is working as it should be, and helps our blood to clot.

Collagen makes up around 80% of our skin. Together with elastin (another protein) it’s what gives our skin strength and is vital for maintaining elasticity. Largely present in the middle layer of the skin (the dermis), collagen has many benefits for our skin, keeping it firm, plump and supple. It’s also essential in our skin’s natural renewal process, shedding old skin cells and making way for new ones.

Collagen is produced by fibroblast in your cells which is a structural part of your tissue and wound healing. Elastin is a connective tissue of protein that makes the skin flexible and able to bounce back to its shape. Between elastin and collagen fibres —this forms the Collagen-Elastin Network.

Collagen plays a major role in keeping the skin around the face looking young. It provides strength, elasticity and hydration that all make for a visibly youthful complexion.

This helps your skin to look:

1. Dewy and plump

2. Firm and smooth

3. Healthy glow

4. Supple skin that bounces back

5. The delicate eye area looks bright and revitalised

Our collagen levels are highest when we are young, which is why children have such smooth skin.

As we age, our bodies produce less collagen, which can lead to wrinkles, sagging skin, and other signs of aging. Therefore, it is important to maintain collagen levels through a healthy diet and skincare routine to keep our skin looking youthful and healthy.

Collagen production starts to decline in our mid-20s and continues to decrease as we age and the collagen that remains becomes weaker and less organised, and the loss continues steadily after that. Our collagen levels deplete by about 1% every year. From then on our bodies simply aren’t able to replace the collagen we lose as quickly as it breaks down. By the time we reach our 40s, collagen synthesis slows down significantly. This leads to thinner skin, less firm, and more prone to wrinkles and sagging and joint pain. Collagen breakdown can also be accelerated by factors such as sun exposure, smoking, and a poor diet, excess sugar and stress can accelerate collagen loss. It is important to take care of our skin and overall health to maintain collagen levels as we age.

For our skin, this means we start to lose our youthful radiance and notice the characteristic signs of ageing:

· Dryness

· Papery skin

· Loss of elasticity

· Sagging skin

· Fine lines and wrinkles

The good news is that there are a few ways we can help stimulate the production of collagen in our skin when it slows down – even for mature skin and maintain healthy skin as we age, such as staying hydrated, eating a balanced healthy diet, and using skincare products that contain collagen-boosting ingredients.

“Aside from ageing, the top reason people don’t have enough collagen is poor diet,” “Your body can’t make collagen if it doesn’t have the necessary elements.”

Collagen: More Than Just a Skin Care Solution

Collagen offers more than just benefits for healthy, youthful skin. It also helps with joint pain relief, muscle growth, and digestion support.

It's impossible to stop your skin from aging, but a collagen facial can slow the passage of time for your skin and lessen some of those visible signs. While it gives you a younger-looking appearance, the treatment can also: Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Hydrate your skin and make it look plump.

Benefits of Having A Collagen Facial for your Skin:

Here are five key benefits of having a collagen facial:

  1. Collagen can help improve skin texture and make it appear firmer and smoother.

  2. Reduced signs of ageing: Our bodies produce less collagen as we age, leading to wrinkles and fine lines. A collagen facial can help reduce the signs of ageing by boosting collagen production.

  3. Increased hydration: Collagen can help improve skin hydration, making it look plumper and more youthful.

  4. A collagen facial can help improve skin tone and reduce the appearance of dark spots, leading to a brighter complexion.

  5. Collagen can help speed up the healing process of damaged skin, such as acne scars or sunburns.

Using top of the range marine collagen that has smaller particles and so can be absorbed quicker than other types of collagen. Marine collagen peptides come from fish, whether it’s wild caught or sustainably raised. The collagen peptides—which are broken down to be absorbed by the body—are sourced from the skin of the fish and used in a wide variety of collagen products, including collagen supplements for wrinkles and our oral supplements for skin health, are designed to boost your skin's collagen levels for optimal skin. Marine collagen is much like the collagen you already have in your body, in that it’s a gelatinous substance that provides elasticity and connects everything together. After it’s sourced from the fish, it’s put through an enzymatic hydrolysis process to turn it into the proper substance that can be used by people like yourself who are looking to add more collagen.

Marine collagen also supports elasticity in your skin. But beyond just helping to smooth out wrinkles, it also adds hydration and makes skin healthier. Studies show that when you use marine collagen it helps bolster the skin by adding moisture and protecting it from free radicals. Free radicals are toxins from the environment that can wreak havoc on your skin. The collagen aids in keeping the skin healthier.

This age control facial deeply rehydrates the skin, removes dead skin cells to help increase new cell turnover and deeply nourishes. It also includes a relaxing massage of the face, neck and shoulders to help stimulate the skin cells and improve elasticity and firmness in the skin. It's one of my most popular facials.

But as well as having my Collagen facial regularly (such as every 3-4 weeks) we also need to be taking good care of our skin and of our health and the lifestyle that we lead.

Below are some helpful tips and advice that can help you to retain your natural and youthful beauty as well as naturally helping to stimulate more collagen in your body and skin.

Easy Lifestyle Changes to help boost Collagen production

First things first, the most important hurdle that we need to get out of the way first is:

Things To Limit And Avoid:

  • Sugar - table sugar, high fructose corn syrup and sweeteners

  • Poor diet and ultra-processed foods can lead to premature ageing

  • Poor sleep

  • Refined Carbohydrates like white bread, pastries, cakes, white rice, and pasta. These foods cause inflammation in the body, which will damage collagen.

  • Excessive sun exposure - wearing sunscreen even if you’re staying indoors is crucial, and sunglasses when outside.

  • Pollution

  • Avoid smoking

  • Too much alcohol

  • Caffeine

  • Too much stress, worry and anxiety.

Things To Do More Of:

  • Increase your Vitamin C - In food, supplements and serums

  • Drink plenty of water every day, and have some green tea and aloe vera juice

  • Get Plenty of daily Exercises (but don't overdo it)

  • Get plenty of sleep

  • Eat a healthy Collagen and anti-oxidant diet

  • Have regular Collagen Facials - Book your next Collagen Facial with Kelly again soon.

Collagen Boosting Foods To Eat:

  • Lots of leafy greens - Kale, Swiss chard and Spinach, cabbage, spinach,

  • Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, courgette, cauliflower and celery

  • Avocado

  • Lentils

  • Tofu

  • Berries - All berries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries

  • Citrus fruits - grapefruit, oranges, lemon, lime

  • Tropical fruits - Mango, Kiwi, Pineapple, Guava, cantaloupes, and watermelon.

  • Fish - sardines, salmon with its skin,

  • Seafood such as Oysters

  • Organ meat - kidneys, liver, heart, or brain

  • Bone broth - beef, pork or chicken

  • Chicken with skin on

  • Egg whites

  • Beans - kidney, black beans, chickpeas, white beans, fava beans

  • Nuts and seeds - cashews, Pumpkin seeds, brazil nuts, almonds, sesame seeds.

  • Garlic - prevents the breakdown of collagen

  • Cheese

  • Spirulina

  • Pomegranate.

Supplements To Take To Boost Collagen:

  • Vitamin C

  • Vitamin E

  • Vitamin B3

  • Iron

  • Zinc

  • Copper

  • Selenium

  • Collagen Supplements - such as these - Solgar Hyaluronic acid Complex or Bio care Collagen complex

  • Manganese

  • Omega-3 fish oil supplement

  • Flax seed oil

Skincare Products To Use:

Products containing any of the following:

  • Hyaluronic acid - Is found in serums and skin creams

  • Alpha hydroxy Acid (AHA), aka Glycolic acid

  • Aloe vera gel - You can use it directly from the plant to your skin

  • Vitamin C - use a daily vitamin C facial serum

  • Collagen Peptides

  • Retinol

  • Omega fish oils

  • Rosehip oil or jojoba oil

  • Sunscreen factor 30+ everyday and to re-apply ever 2 hours.

Book Your Collagen Facial with Kelly Today!

Experience Pure Bliss with my Collagen Facials. Just choose from my 60 minutes Collagen facial which is £75.00

or my 90 minutes Collagen facial which includes a 25 minute relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage and the 60 minutes Collagen facial treatment which is £110.00

But if you are quick I still have a special offer on both of these Collagen facials until Friday 13th October 2023!

Which my 60 minutes Collagen facial is for limited time is for now £60.00 and my 90 minutes Collagen facial is for a limited time also is now £90.00.

Book now with me (Kelly) your beauty and skincare specialist before Friday 13th October 2023 to get this great offer!

Plus I also recommend courses in all my facials and both of my Collagen facials are no exception.

I recommend a course of 3 facials over a period of 3-4 weeks in duration. Each course must be paid for upfront and you will also receive a free Collagen serum for you to use throughout your course of facials as well as my helpful skincare and lifestyle tips you can use during your course of facials.

I also offer courses of 6 sessions also, if you are looking to have regular facials. Courses can be a great way to save money over a period of time.

If you are interested in booking a Collagen facial with me or a course of Collagen facials, please get in contact with me and I look forward to pampering you soon.

Best wishes

Kelly From Pure Bliss Holistic Therapies


P.s. You can also now purchase my Collagen Facial Gift Vouchers below for close friends and loved ones. Perfect gift idea for that special occasion. Click the image below to find out more...

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