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One-toOne Personalised

Not sure about what therapy/treatment or service you would like to receive or need?


Especially if you have a specific concern or health issues that you wish to know what's best for you and your body, health and wellbeing?


Then book yourself in for a one-to-one consultation session with Kelly to know which direction to head towards. This can really make things much easier and much clearer for the path you should be focusing on and investing in if this is something that feels right for you.



What's included in a consultation?


Kelly's private personalised consultations include a health questionnaire which includes your general health and wellbeing, diet and lifestyle, mood and physical issues and concerns and a full discussion of what you would like to achieve for your health and wellbeing needs. Kelly is not a doctor and doesn't diagnose or advise on health-related and medication issues. Kelly only offers help through therapeutic therapies and treatments and advises on the best and recommended therapies for your wellbeing and holistic needs, such as stress, anxiety, muscle tension, pain and stiffness etc... Please check out Kelly's Terms and Conditions to find out more on this. 



Duration of the session?

For a full one-to-one personalised consultation session with Kelly takes up to 55 minutes

And covers all your past history health and wellbeing as well as present time and looking ahead and providing a clear plan of action to move towards to help you to get the best results for your needs.



Cost of the One-to-One Session?


Kelly's 55-minute One-to-One personalised consultations costs £60 and includes a personalised plan of action and 15% off your first treatment or course of treatments that are recommended or advised after the consultation.



How can I book?

To Book please call Kelly on 07599 884213 or email Kelly at pureblissretreats@mail.com



Kelly looks forward to meeting you and discussing your concerns.