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Client Testimonials

Here are just some of our many Happy Clients over the Years  

"I have had many problems with my back for many years and have been seeing Chairopractors and other massage therapists for years, but to no success. I booked with Kelly and instantly she picked up on my problem and started to treat the area, my back felt amazing and she taught me so much about why my back was like this and how I could prevent further pain. Kelly is a gifted therapist and I highly recommend her and her Therapies, I'm pain free at last!"


Sue, Maidenhead

"I have been seeing Kelly now for over 4 years and I always sware that every home should have her in it. She does treatments that completly blisses you out and leaves you floating in a state of pure relaxation, that I just can't get anywhere eles.


If you are looking for a highly proffessional Therapist and intuitive therapist. I highly recommend Kelly and the services she provides."


Michelle, High Wycombe

"I've known Kelly for the past 5 years. She is a very gifted Intuitive Therapist who knows exactly where the problem is and targets the root causes of the problem, giving faster results. I cannot recommend her more than enough.


Thanks Kelly and can't wait to see you next week for our next session!"


Rebecca, Henley

"Thank you so much Kelly for all your coaching sessions that we did over skype. I've learn't so much about myself and about the blocks that I had that where stopping me from moving forward. I enjoyed all of your sessions and I'm sad that our time together on our coaching sessions is coming to an end.

Thank you so much for helping me to transform and turn my life around.


Much Love and Best Wishes"


Louise, Marlow

"Simply, Kelly and Ravi are SUPERB! I was delighted to have Kelly back from her travels; her professionalism, therapies and just general 'care' is second to none."


Liz, Bix

"I love Kelly's therapies and what she offers, she's constantly enhancing her skills and her tool kit. But I absolutley LOVE her therapy bed, it's more comfortable than my own bed and I always drift off to sleep and find it really hard to peel myself off of her super soft, warm and comfy bed. 


I wish I had Kelly at home and her super comfy bed!"


Vanessa, Maidenhead

"Kelly is a very gifted therapist and healer and she has helped me to recover from a broken leg and other injured areas on my body and in my life with her healing therapies, hands and her beautiful healing oils. She has helped me to recover so much faster than conventional therapies and has helped me to find my passion and purpose in life. I have a whole new lease of life, thanks to Kelly and all that she has done for me.


I can't wait till our next treatment.


Thank you"


Melissa, Henley

"I would very much like to praise Kelly for her wonderful and relaxing Facials which I recieve at her capable and experienced hands. I have been having treatments from Kelly for several years and have always found her a totally professional and knowledgeable therapist.

Her friendly manner always leaves me feeling assured and relaxed knowing I will recieve the very best treatment.

A long standing and happy Henley client.

Thank you."

Margaret. Henley

"All I have to say is "WOW" Kelly's Chakra Healing treatments and sessions are amazing. I just had her Chakra Healing Therapy and I went away more relaxed than I have ever felt before, but 4 weeks down the line my lower back that was causing me agony and distress and affecting my sleep, is no longer a problem. I no longer have the pain I used to and I'm off my pain killers and medication. It's amazing, I'm also having the best sleep I have ever had in Years since seeing Kelly. I can't recommend her enough, you have to experience her healing hands.

Thank you Kelly."

Denise, High Wycombe

Piglet: "How do you spell love?"

Whinnie the Pooh: "You don't SPELL love, Piglet, you FEEL it."

The same with Kelly's therapies. You have to FEEL it! Her intuitive touch and her acute sensitivity to my needs is second to none. From the moment you lie on her supremly comfortable memory foam heated couch, wrapped in fleeces and fluffy towels, inhale the essential essences and let yourself drift off with her calming music in her darkened warm and cosy room, you know that you are in for a treat.

These details set the scene for the gold standard therapy to follow.

Thank you Kelly. Your consistently high service and unwavering dedication to helping in the treatment of my sports associated injuries and general aches and pains is very much valued. So much so, that I now have a session with Kelly every week, experiencing fewer problems with tight or knotted muscles and enjoying a greater feeling of well being all round.

Thank you Kelly".

Jess, Henley

"Thank you Kelly for you amazing Meditation sessions.

I have been coming to you for only a short while but instantly since starting the Meditation sessions with you I have had massive benefits already with my anxiety and improved awareness of my life. I used to have a very chatty mind that never switched off, but I've been doing it daily and i'm noticing how quiet me mind has become and how peaceful and incontrol of my life I am now. I am so pleased I met you and 

Thank you again for your lovely sessions."



Emma. Henley

"Thank you Kelly for our wonderful Yoga sessions that you provide for me on a one-to-one basis. I'm in my early 70's and I love how easy and effective Yoga is working the whole body and relaxing the mind. I'm feeling more flexable, stronger and happier and healthier than ever before.

Thank you Kelly for making Yoga simple and fun and customising it to my needs every single time i see you."

Paula, Stoner

Having experienced many spa's, salons and aromatherapists. I can honestly say that Kelly offers a quality service that rivals the best. I would highly recommend Kelly to all my friends and family. Thank you Kelly

Sadie, Henley

"I would like to thank Kelly for her one-to-one Yoga sessions and Meditation relax sessions. I'm a busy mum and was looking for some exercise to help me with my aches and pains and tension areas. Kelly was able to put together a program especially designed around my needs and adjusts it each time if needed, depending on how Im feeling that day. I'm feeling more flexable, less tension in my back and it has given me more energy and helped me to take more time out for me. I love it.


Thank you Kelly, a very happy Henley client."

Sarah. Henley

Kelly is a lovely warm person who makes you feel very cared for. I come away feeling relaxed and refreshed after either a massage or a facial. I highly recommend.

Lucy, Henley

Kelly is the best beauty therapist I have ever used. She is professional, caring, polite and extremely good at what she does. I would have no hesitation recommending her to anyone.



Diane, Stoke Row 

I just wish Kelly lived more local to me, I would defiantly have her more on a regular basis. Kelly is highly professional in the services that she provides. Excellent website and brilliant after care service provided. I would highly recommend.



Lesley, Berkshire

I was generally shocked that it was possible to get such high quality treatments in your own home. I have found beauty salons massages more about pampering than deeper benefits. Not in the case with Kelly! Those powerful thumbs of hers get all the ouchy bits! Highly recommend! 

Thank you Kelly

Helen, Lower Assendon

Only once or twice in a lifetime of massages have I come across someone as talented as Kelly. Kelly provides the best massage I have ever had. 

She understands the anatomy of the body and achieves a deep highly professional massage with strength and sensitivity. Return visits are similarly satisfying.

Kelly offers a superb service.

I would highly recommend. 


I can highly recommend Kelly's services. She is an excellent therapist, friendly and knowledgeable and very flexible. Her prices are great too!

I would highly recommend Kelly and all her treatments that she offers...

Emma, Henley

Kelly is absolutely fantastic and I would have no doubts in recommending Kelly to friends or family.

I have visited many therapists who work from home and Kelly without doubt has the most professional set up I have seen! Kelly is always very professional and with her huge amount of knowledge I know that I can trust Kelly in all treatments available.

It is always a complete pleasure to have my treatments with Kelly and I always come away feeling totally pampered and spoilt.

The service that Kelly offers is exceptional, the quality of the treatments are 2nd to one, Kelly's knowledge is extremely high and its definitely great value for money.

The variety of treatments that Kelly offers is excellent 


With the numerous therapists available these days it takes time to find someone you feel totally happy with and I am very lucky to have found Kelly.

I would not have any hesitation in recommending Kelly

Thank you Kelly for all that you do. I'm looking forward to seeing you again for my next appointment.

Sarah, Reading

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