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Balance and Restore in Todays World


90 minutes - £85.00 - Recommended For First Appointment Always and Includes an Energy Check In Before and After The Crystal Therapy
60 minutes - £55.00 

45 mins - £48.00
30 mins - £35.00

Chakra Healing Therapy is one of the most powerful therapies. It helps to restore the natural flow of life force energy (prana) throughout the body, enhancing the feeling of overall wellbeing. Helping to unblock, reactivate and rebalances your chakras. 

When a chakra is blocked, a person lives and experiences frustration and suffering. Which creates more discomfort, addictive and dysfunctional behaviour.

Chakra Therapy looks at the physical body, the human psyche and the flow of life force energy.

What's holding you back from living fully?

If you want to feel more alive, you can't do that if your chakras are blocked!

Crystal Therapy has been used for centuries dating back to the Egyptian times to help treat the body holistically for different ailments and creating profound relaxation, expansion and connection.

Crystal Therapy helps to harmonise and balance your chakras.

It is a gentle relaxing therapy using natural crystals or Gem stones which are formed in the Earth's crust.

Which are made up of minerals which the body needs to stay healthy and well.

Crystals vibrate at different frequencies like we do and can help with our own energy vibrations.

Crystals are made up of the same molecules as we are and using Crystals on ourselves can help to

harmonise and realign our subtle energy vibration, bringing it back into harmony and equilibrium. 

By using certain Crystals we can calm down or energise our body as needed.

Crystals work on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of our being.

They have the ability to communicate with the energy flow of the human body and helps to realign the energy channels that are interrupting the natural flow of the bodies energy and help it to heal.

Each Crystal are said to help specific concerns such as anxiety, depression and insomnia or physical ailments such as digestive or hormonal problems.

Some clients can experience immediate changes following a treatment, others find it works on a more subtler level.

Crystals absorb, direct and diffuse our energy fields. They have a stable and unchanging energy pattern, each with a unique frequency and energy field that give them each special properties that help bring harmony to the very unstable energy field of the human body.

What are Chakras?

The word chakra means "wheel" or "disk" in Sanskrit

Of course, no actual wheels are used to deal with a person's chakras. The "wheel" or "disk" symbolises moving living energy within you.

Current research shows that our body and aura (energy field around us) conducts electromagnetic energy constantly.

And it is believed that you can manipulate the flow of energy to encourage healing and general wellbeing.

As well as helping with reducing anxiety, worry and overcoming traumatic experiences or events.


It is believed that we each have seven primary chakras and 21 lesser Chakras are thought

to also exist within and around the body.

The chakras are an energy system, a map connecting your body and soul and the major

nerve points meet and where life force or "prana" flows harmoniously.

Chakras are also sometimes referred to as energy centres or vortices.

Each chakra is thought to resemble a coloured wheel that spins in a clockwise direction, and

the chakras are thought to each spin at a different rate or frequency.

Chakras are invisible to the naked eye and interconnect our physical and spiritual selves. Each of the seven chakras is tied directly to a specific region, organ and nerve points and centres of the body.

It is believed that each of the chakras absorbs and filters the energy that we emit through our thoughts and actions we have and do, as well as through the thoughts and actions of all those that we come into contact with on a day to day basis.


When one of the chakras are out of balance as a result of negative energy flowing through it, it begins to spin too slowly or too fast. When a chakra is

not balanced, it can effect that physical region of the body and organ as well also effecting very specific aspects of our spiritual and emotional selves.


Our health and fully functioning balance of our Chakras are vital for our own health and well being be it physically, emotionally and mentally. Without our Chakra's and their balance we wouldn't be here. So it's vital to check in with your energy centres and create harmony between them and balance.

Benefits of Crystal Chakra Healing Therapy:

  • Helps with mental clarity and wellbeing

  • Increases feelings of tranquility, peace, positivity and focus

  • Increases immunity

  • Relieves pain and tension and headaches

  • Heightened sense of calm

  • Emotional clarity

  • Can help manifest ones intentions

  • Helps treat physical ailments

  • Treats emotional issues

  • Cleanses and energises the body, mind and spirit

  • Helps heal grief, trauma or a broken heart.

  • Improves self-love and self-esteem

  • Increases intuition and connection to spirituality

  • Quietens the mind

  • Promotes balance and stability to your body and your life

  • Deeply grounding

  • Aids Spiritual development

  • And so much more...

"When your energy centres (Chakras) are balanced your outer world and experiences will be in balance also. Whats going on inside of you, is reflecting outwards and attracting all your experiences and outcomes in your life. Bring harmony and balance to your energy centre's and your whole life will change, not only your energy and your health and well-being"

What Happens in a Crystal Chakra Healing Therapy Session:

All sessions are tailored to you and will differ depending on your needs and nature of your


We chat to discuss your needs and what you are hoping to get from the session.

As crystal therapy is a healing system and is a holistic approach . 

We will look at all aspects of health such as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to get

a full picture of where you are.

You will be made comfortable and asked to lay down fully clothed. When you are relaxed

with your eyes closed, Kelly will begin by checking your energetic field using crystals

and placing them on or around your body. The crystal will be left in place for anything  

from 20-30 mins. Depending on the time frame of your session you have chosen.

During this time you are encouraged to breathe deeply and to simply relax as much as you can. Having an open mind and open heart to recieve this wonderful healing energy of the crystals used is highly encouraged.

You may be recommended a number of treatments to support your overall health and wellbeing. Courses of sessions from 3-6 are available and can be cost effective over the long term duration. Please contact Kelly to find out more and ways to book a session.

"Don't wait to change your life."


"Chakra healing starts with you..."

Image by Sara Johnston
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