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Relax and Feel Rejuvenated

Indian Head Massage - A Traditional seated upper body massage for the Neck, Shoulders, Head and Face

45 minutes - £53.00
30 minutes - £40.00

This traditional Indian Head Massage is  a gentle healing treatment based on ayurvedic philosophy, which has been practised by generations of Indian families within their home for centuries. Still holds true to its benefits and healing sensations it gives to the recipient today. Indian Head Massage or as it is known in India today which is the modern name  "Champissage" has been practised in India for over a thousand years. The techniques were originally developed by women who used different oils according to the season (coconut, sesame, almond, olive, buttermilk, mustard oil and henna) to keep hair strong, lustrous and in beautiful condition as well as warding off illness and strengthening the immune system, with families sitting behind one another and massaging each other.

Traditionally practised seated upwards. This treatment focuses on the head, face, neck and shoulders to relieve tension, aches and pains using a variety of massage movements and techniques to stimulate the circulation and promotes relaxation, stress and tension relief and healthy hair growth. As well as stimulating the circulation, lymphatic drainage, restore joint movement and flexibility as well as increasing mental clarity, a clear mind, relaxation and rejuvenation to the receiver.

This treatment is fantastic for people who suffer from headaches or migraines, the tension in their head, face, neck and shoulders, as well as stress-relieving and balancing the bodies healing energies. 

We live in a stressful time and head massage is one of the ways to alleviating tension and achieving a relaxed, calm frame of mind. 

If you often have a stiff neck or shoulders, an Indian head massage can increase joint mobility and flexibility in these areas. The deep needing also increases blood circulation and lymphatic flow and will work out any knots in your muscles. More to the point, it feels amazing.

This treatment is a very powerful healing therapy that will have your body feeling lighter and more at peace with yourself.

Benefits of an Indian Head Massage:

  • Helps to heal scalp conditions

  • Gives a general feeling of wellbeing, calmness and relaxation

  • Relaxation of the whole person

  • Increased oxygen intake in tissues

  • Dispersal of toxins from tense, knotted muscles

  • Stimulation and improvement of circulation and the lymphatic system

  • Improves joint mobility

  • Creates higher levels of alertness, concentration and focus

  • Helps with mental clarity

  • Could also relieve tension headaches

  • Helps relieve eye strain

  • Ear problems

  • Improves sleep such as disturbed sleep and Insomnia

  • Neck and shoulder stiffness

  • Sinusitus and congestion

  • Hair loss/thinning

  • Scalp tension

  • Mental tiredness and edginess

  • Anxiety and stress

  • Relief from mental and emotional stress

  • Depression

  • Strengthens and improves immunity

  • Helps strengthen and improves grown of hair

  • Relieves tension in the jaw and smooths out face muscles

  • Stretches and mobilises the tissues of the neck and shoulders

  • Rebalances vital energy flow, instilling a sense of peace and tranquilly

  • Helps you feel more grounded

"Regular head massages with natural oils keeps the hair strong and lustrous. Massaging the scalp stimulates the flow of blood to the follicles, bearing nutrients needed for healthy hair growth"

Harpers and Queen

Contraindications to an Indian Head Massage:

  • Osteoporosis

  • Epilepsy

  • Diabetes

  • Very Hight or Low blood pressure

  • Severe bruising

  • Open cuts or abrasions

  • Skin disorders in the area being treated

  • Scalp Infections

  • Recent injuries, accidents or surgery to the head, face, neck and shoulders

     (within the first 3 months)

  • Severe circulatory disorders

  • Heart conditions

  • Cancer

  • Fever/ High temperature

  • Cold of flu symptoms

  • Suffering from food poisoning

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Psoriasis

  • Painful cysts

  • Spondylitis or spondylosis in the neck

What to Expect from an Indian Head Massage Treatment:

Your massage will start with your practitioner asking a few questions and if you would like the herbal aromatherapy oil placed in your hair or not, if not then a really small amount of oil will only be used very slightly placed on to the shoulders and neck area. Then you will be asked to remove any items of clothing (or jewellery) around your shoulders and arms.


Then sitting upright in the chair provided, and a blanket wrapped around the rest of your body. It is important to relax and to have a good posture in the chair, with your feet shoulder width apart and flat on the floor, hands rested on your lap ideally with your palms facing upwards, if possible.

Then you will be asked to take 3 relaxing deep belly breathes into your tummy, breathing in through your nose and out through your nose 3 times. 

Then the massage will begin working on the neck, shoulders and upper arms and then onto the head and face, finishing with a Reiki hold on the face, ears, eyes, jaw and head. Leaving you feeling deeply relaxed, energised and peaceful.

Please allow yourself some time after your treatment massage to go slow getting up and keeping the rest of your day free from other commitments if you can, allowing for the oils and the healing benefits of the massage to continue working while you are back at home after your session.

And especially if you choose to have the herbal aromatherapy  applied in the massage to your hair, it is best to avoid needing to go back to work, go shopping or anything else if you can and instead head home to relax and allow it to penetrate into the roots of the hair and scalp.

There are so many benefits of the massage and if you've never had an Indian Head Massage before, now is defiantly the time to get one.

Regular treatment is recommended for best results. Courses of sessions are available from 3-6-9 sessions allowing you to benefit greatly from regular sessions. Contact Kelly to find out more and how to book your session/s and save in the long term!

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Indian Head massage Gift Vouchers

Click on any of the below Indian Head Massage Gift Vouchers to purchase your gift of pampering and healing to loved ones and friends for any occasion. Gift vouchers are valid for six months from the date of purchasing the gift voucher.

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