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Find Your Calm Today!

Holistic Stress Management Coaching - Creating more peace and Calm - Find Your Calm Today!

15 minute Initial chat - Free

60-minute session - £58.00

A Course of 3 sessions - £165.00

A course of 6 sessions - £310.00



As the pace of life accelerates, so does the Stress Factor, and as many as 60% of visits to Doctors are attributed to Stress Problems. Therefore it is easy to see why Stress Therapy is needed in this constantly changing world that we live in.

With the amount of stimulus we have around us in this day and age, it is more necessary than ever that we are aware of what causes us to become overwhelmed and how to deal with it. 

What is Holistic Stress Management?


Holistic Stress Management helps to reduce stress, overwhelm, depression and anxiety disorders or to live a more balanced, happier life simply.

My Holistic Stress Management coaching aim is to re-connect you with your calmest, clearest and most energised self - free from the negative self-talk stress and with a deeper connection to your true core self.

Offering solutions that you can then self-sustain going forward to continue to overcome and prevent stress and to increase your performance in both your professional and personal life - in both the face of adversity and day-to-day.

My holistic approach begins with my belief that the two things that are of equal importance to living in a calm, clear and energised state are your mindset and your energy (soul), and when the two are working in harmony, then real resilience, performance and calmness occur.

Our energetic and emotional landscape has a direct effect on our behaviour and our performance. If we want to gain clarity, focus, creativity and drive and create space for optimal growth and higher performance, we need to create an optimal coherent state. It is my job to help you gain your optimal Coherent state so that you can be the absolute best you can be!

Managing stress effectively in your life is important for us all.

How do you feel?

  • Do you feel burned out or depressed?

  • Do you feel often irritable?

  • Do you suffer from stress-related health issues?

  • Do you feel that you are missing out on life?

  • Are your personal relationships suffering because of work?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed or even anxious?

  • Do you fall ill more often than others?

  • Is the quality of your work started to suffer?

  • Do you dread going to the office/work?

  • Do you find it difficult to switch off and relax?

These are all warning signs that something needs to be addressed or re-assessed. There is a path that leads to a healthier life balanced with happiness, fulfilment, excitement, and joy.

Is Holistic Stress Management Coaching right for you?

Would you like to?

  • Manage stress and anxiety?

  • Balance work and other areas in your life.

  • Learn how to manage conflicts better.

  • Improve your well-being and health?

  • Improve your relationships?

  • Have more fun?

  • Live with purpose and direction?

  • Enjoy life more?

  • Live a healthier, happier, more balanced life?

What are the Benefits?

  • More resilience to stress

  • More confidence and contentment

  • New strategies for reducing stress

  • More fun activities in your life

  • Better relationships

  • More balance in your life

  • Healthier ways of being

  • A change in your job or even career

  • A new, exciting life plan

  • Clarity of purpose and vision

  • Happier life

  • And so much more...

Become more effective in your personal and social life.

More hopeful and able to take control of your life and health.

Your body and mind become more open to new possibilities, being fully supported. Becoming more focused, clearer, and calmer. More balance in life and improved levels of self-discovery.

Giving yourself permission to be, do and have what you really want.

Having greater respect for your body and how it works as a whole.

Sessions could include psychotherapy methods, meditation, yoga, nutrition, spiritual wellness techniques and more...

If you would like to book me as your Holistic Stress Management life coach (via Skype) to work on your stress management, we will look at your life holistically to ensure that you create a healthy balance of all areas in your life that are important to you.

We will create a bespoke programme based on your personal goals and challenges.  Most likely, we will start by taking stock of your stress levels and what’s causing them. From there, in a series of coaching conversations, we can explore how you can reduce or manage stress more effectively. We will also establish how satisfied you are with your life generally, what’s missing and what needs to change to create more joy and balance.

Where appropriate, I can teach you techniques to reduce your stress levels, such as meditation, breathing exercises or other strategies for relaxation and stress relief.

Course of Action:


Booking a course of sessions is highly recommended, such as a course of 3, 6, or 12 sessions where you can save on each session, paid for upfront after initial consultation and chat.

All sessions can be one-to-one in Kelly's therapy room in Henley-On-Thames or Online on Skype, Zoom or over the phone.

Please contact Kelly to book a free 15-minute chat to see if this is something you would like to do.

About Kelly:


Kelly has over 13 years of experience in the coaching and life coaching field and is qualified in coaching, psychology, and counselling. And has coached people from all walks of life. To find out more about Kelly, click here to read more...


Contact Kelly to find out if coaching is for you.

If this is something you would like to talk to me about and to find out more, please book a free 15-minute call with me to discuss your needs.

Just click here to book your free call with me here.

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