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Taking Charge Of Your Health

Reflexology Session
60 minutes - £60.00
45 minutes - £45.00

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an ancient art that dates back to Ancient Egypt, India and China. But wasn't introduced to the western world until early 1900s.


Reflexology is a non-invasive complementary holistic healing therapy that can be effective in promoting deep relaxation, wellbeing and balance within the body and the mind.


It can help reduce stress in peoples busy lives and can help in building good health and resilience.

It is a touch therapy that is based on the theory that different points of the feet, lower leg, hands, face and ears all correspond with different areas and systems of the body such as the bodies organs which are either mirrored or reflected in areas of the feet, hands, face and ears. By applying different amounts of pressure to the feet, hands, face and ears ( depending on what area you wish to have treated when you are booking a session) this allows the body to release any tension that has built up, allow vital energy to pass through the bodies systems until it reaches the area in need of healing and balancing.


A reflexologists touch can also help to calm the nervous system, promoting a deeper state of relaxation and other benefits just like any form of massage. Due to calming the nervous system the body then has space and time to heal naturally and to help release any emotional and mental distress allowing your mood to be improved and to reduce stress within.


It helps the body to restore it's balance naturally, reducing tension and allowing you to feel more relaxed and grounded.


Benefits of a Reflexology Session?

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Reduces pain

  • Lifts mood

  • Improves general well-being

  • Boosts immune system

  • Increases energy

  • Enhances sleep

  • Joint mobility

  • Helps with sinus issues

  • Improves back pain

  • Balances Hormonal Imbalances

  • Helps with fertility

  • Improves Digestion

Is Reflexology for me?


Reflexology can be received by anyone at any age from newborn babies to those receiving end of life care and everyone in between.


A reflexologist will never claim to cure, diagnose or prescribe. It is a very individual treatment which is tailored to you as a whole person physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually that may be affecting your wellbeing.



What to Expect in A Reflexology Session?


Your Therapist, Kelly will conduct a brief health history and consultation with you and will explain how reflexology works and what to expect and answering any questions that you may have.

You will then be directed to sit or lay down, remaining fully clothed except for your shoes, socks or tights. The feet will be cleansed with warm cleansing mitts to refresh your feet. Generally the session is 60 mins but allow enough time before your session and after your session, as well as when you leave the therapy room also, avoiding having to rush back home or to another appointment. You can rest or talk during your session if you wish. The therapist will focus on the entire area of the feet and around the ankles in the reflexology session and uses many different techniques and includes all of the points on both feet. 

By working on all the points using gentle pressure and relaxing flowing movements over the feet, this stimulates the internal organs, nervous system, circulation and glands as well as muscle groups, bones, ligaments and chakra points around the body.

This allows any congestion to release and promotes the relaxation response in the body, allowing you to fully relax and feel more balanced within.

The experience of a Reflexology session very from a general feeling of relaxation, to a sense of lightness in the body.

A reflexology session will never include a diagnosis or give any medical advice at any time.

Reflexology is that the body will nurture and repair itself once it is released from stress. The therapist does not fix discomfort, but brings the whole body into balance and any pain, congestion or tightness will subside.

Once the session is complete, you should not rush to leave anywhere, ideally take the rest of the day off if you can, to enjoy the relaxing benefits of a Reflexology session. And to drink plenty of water after your session.

Benefits of Reflexology can usually last for 24-48 hours sometime more... The results from a reflexology session are often subtle and cumulative. To see greater benefits it is highly recommended to have regular sessions (i.e. once a week for 6 weeks) rather than if you just had a session once every 6 months. If you have a specific issue or condition, you may need more frequent sessions, such as once a week for 6-8 weeks, then followed by a "tune up" once a month to maintain the benefits and gain the results that you seek.

Not Recommended If You Have Any of The Following:


  • Any Health related issues associated with massage listed here...

  • Circulatory problems such as blood clots, inflammation of the leg veins

  • Gout

  • Foot ulcers

  • Fungal infections, such as athlete's foot or verrucas

  • Open wounds on hands and feet

  • Thyroid problems

  • Epilepsy

  • Blood Problems

  • 1st trimestar in pregnancy

To book your Reflexology session please click the "Book Now" box below or to find out more. A course of Reflexology are available from 3-6-9-12 sessions, helping you to save in the long term. Contact Kelly to find out more...

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