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Aura Therapy

Aura Therapy
Working with your Auric Field
45 minutes - £45.00

Aura Therapy is generally designed to bring imbalances in the aura back into physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance.

Just like the earth has magnetic field, so does every living being and thing on earth does. This is the Aura. The Aura tends to get dirty or blocked and requires aura healing therapy. When auras get blocked or contaminated, illnesses  either physical or mentalcan manifest and issues in your life can escalate. 

The benefits can be subtle (like a general feeling of peace and well-being) or dramatic (like experiencing a spiritual transformation or feelings of ecstasy). Changes may be immediate or can occur over several days.

Repeated therapy sessions can maintain and deepen the aura energy balance.

An aura is a protective psychic and spiritual energy field that surrounds the physical body. Energy from an aura is usually not static.

It is constantly flowing, flashing, vibrating, expanding, and decreasing. 

If you feel that you are more sensitive and energetically drained on a daily basis, you may have some non-existent protection of your aura, such as blockages in your aura in need of balance to restore natural health and wellbeing.

Aura therapy is also based on the fact that every illness be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual has its roots in our energy system and energetic field (Your Aura). A small change in the energy system can drastically affect the overall wellbeing of the individual, either slowing down or completely ceasing the bodies natural ability to heal itself, so it's vitally important that natural flow of pure energy is generated in the body by rebalancing your natural energy centres.

It is nothing but the aura of an individual that absorbs the universal life force energy which balances and harmonises the entire body.

It is believed that due to trauma, stressful experiences or holding onto any negative thoughts or feelings and emotions for a long time, the natural flow of the bodies energy system can become interrupted, stagnant and blocked.


Our health and fully functioning balance of our Aura and our Chakras are vital for our own health and well-being be it physically, emotionally and mentally. Without our health of our Aura and our Chakra's and their balance we wouldn't be here. So it's vital to check in with your energy centers and create harmony and balance between them.

"When your energy enters (Chakras) are balanced your outer world and experiences will be in balance also. What's going on inside of you, is reflecting outwards and attracting all your experiences and outcomes in your life: Bring harmony and balance to your energy centers and your whole life will change, not only your energy but your health and well-being"

What Happens In an Aura Therapy Session?

Every session includes a energy assessment by identifying and locating the energy

blockages in your aura by discussing your current mental and physical state.

Once the root cause and location of the blockage is determined,


Kelly will channel healing energy to you which can cleanse your aura and balance

your energetic field and body. This type of healing releases unwanted or stale energies

and opens up blocked energy, resulting in energy flow and becoming more balanced.

This therapy is done with you laying down and fully clothed.

All you have to do is just lay-back, relax and be open in your mind and heart  to the healing benefits from the power of this energy therapy can bring.

Using the healing power of Byosen Scanning, dowsing, Crystals, Gem stones, aura colours, and pure therapeutic high vibrational Aromatherapy oils as a healing medium to create peace and calm in your Auric field and to balance, remove any blockages and to help your body to function at its optimum best and allows it to naturally heal and repair whatever you are experiencing or in need of. Because once the natural energy flow is initiated and not interrupted, the self healing process automatically begins.

The healer does not heal you. The healer only triggers the natural healing process of the body and your energetic field. So it's actually self-healing that you will be experiencing.

It's more up to you than the healer in terms of results that you are seeking from the session/s. If you don't want to heal, you won't. Such as an emotional issue, you won't let go of a grudge, the emotional pain will stay, unless you are willing to let it go yourself. The healer isn't able to let it go for you.

Thats why its really important to be fully open to the healing and fully alowing to let go of whatever comes up and what wants to be released.

Benefits of an Aura Therapy Session:

A strong, centred aura can bring many magical experiences and benefits into your life.

"Whats good for your body is also good for your energy body!"

  • Helps to heal physical conditions

  • Eases tension and pain

  • Helps with stress and anxiety

  • Helps improve mental clarity

  • Improves mood and sense of wellbeing

  • Brings a sense of calm and happiness

  • Helps you reach your full potential in life

  • And so much more...


This is a fantastic treatment for anyone suffering from any problems or just to balance and feel more grounded and content with life and to boost well-being and health.

It can also be used for any issues or concerns from the past, present or future issues you would like help on.


To book please contact Kelly to schedule your session.

Regular Treatments Highly recommended Ideally 3- 4 sessions within 2 or 3 weeks especially in the world we live in at the moment.

We all need balance and harmony more than ever right now! Kelly Highly recommends a course of sessions for best and long term results of 3-6-9 sessions. Please contact Kelly to find out more and start saving!

Call to book your session today or to talk free to Kelly if this is a therapy that is best for you.

Your Investment - 45 minutes treatment - £45.00

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