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Singing Bowl Sound Healing


Sound Healing Energy Massage - A massage on a cellular level.

Deep healing to leave you feeling lighter, calmer and nourished to the core. From relaxing the mind to preventing stress and fatigue. A powerful healing treatment that promotes deep mental and emotional well-being, muscular relaxation and an overall sense of balance and deep peace

  • 70 Minutes Sound Healing Massage - £60.00
  • 105 Minutes Sound Healing Massage and some Targeted Hands on Bodywork - £100.00
  • 125 Minutes Includes Sound Healing Massage and 50 Minutes Hands on Bodywork massage - £120.00
  • Pure Bliss Ultimate Sound Healing Body Journey Session 155 Minutes - Includes Sound Healing Massage Before and After Session, Hands on Full Body Work Massage, Head Massage and Foot Massage - £160.00
  • Pure Bliss Ultimate Sound Healing Body Journey Session 180 Minutes - If You Want To Experience Pure Relaxation on All Levels - £185.00

An hour (or more if you choose) of blissful tranquillity. Let Kelly bathe you in sound for a truly restorative and rejuvenating experience that balances your chakras and renews your soul.

Where old meets new...


Sound healing massage therapy has been developed by drawing on ancient Eastern practices and modern scientific research into the effects of sound and vibration


The ancient art of sound healing has been around for more than 5,000 years. In many cultures around the world, sound has been used for celebration, ceremony, prayer, medicine and healing, including tribal drumming, gong playing, and voice in chanting and singing. Today knowledge and research is being developed and adapted in the West to suit the needs of a modern lifestyle.


Sound healing is based on the frequency of sound.


The combined sound and vibration can induce a deep sense of meditative relaxation, which helps to de-stress the mind and body.


A massage on a cellular level. Deep healing leaves you feeling lighter, calmer and nourished to the core.

An hour of blissful tranquillity. Let me (Kelly) bathe you in sound for a truly restorative and rejuvenating experience that balances your chakras and renews your soul.



How does it work?


Based on the theory that vibration releases trapped energy

that’s been stored around the body; this type of massage uses

sound waves to produce gentle, rhythmic pulsations.

These pulsations or vibrations are strategically sent through the

body, massaging the cells and working out any stored-up tension.

Simultaneously, the range of frequencies emitted by the bowls

has a calming effect, drawing the brain into a meditative state.




During normal daily activity, our regular brain frequency is that of Beta. The sounds gently draw the brain, first into the Alfa state and then Theta and Delta, where deep relaxation and meditation occur. Whilst in this deep meditative state, the heart rate slows, and the body is able to rejuvenate and find peace of mind.

To generate the sound and vibration, the practitioner uses one or more Himalayan bowls. Made from at least seven different metals and varying in size and weight, the bowls produce sound across a range of frequencies and are used to target different parts of the body accordingly.


Following a session, the client can continue to experience the benefits of having been in the meditative state for some time. Calmness reduced anxiety,  and the ability to think clearly and remain focussed are just some of the benefits of regular sound treatments.

Some of the benefits of sound healing Energy Massage therapy are:


  • deep relaxation

  • clearing energetic blockages

  • supporting mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing

  • improving sleep

  • lowering blood pressure

  • and relieving muscle tension

  • reduced stress

  • fewer mood swings

  • lowering cholesterol levels

  • better pain management

  • It boosts your health

  • Improved memory and concentration

  • a stronger immune system

  • deeper Meditation

  • helping to improve focus and Concentration

  • decreased anxiety

  • decreased depression

  • reduce pain from inflammation

  • hormone balancing

  • improve your mental well-being, along with your emotional and spiritual well-being



"Sound healing balances and clears the mind and leads to a renewed sense of purpose, well-being, calm, and happiness."

Sound and Frequency


At its most basic, sound is vibration—invisible, physical waves that move through the air and are interpreted by the brain via the ear. The loudness of sound is measured in decibels (dB), while the frequency, or size of the waves, is measured in a unit called a hertz (Hz); the higher the number of hertzes, the higher-pitched the sound.

The human ear can detect a range of anywhere from 20 to 20,000 Hz, with the average adult hearing range being about 2,000-5,000 Hz. It’s finding the right frequencies; sound healing can have a positive effect on the human brain and body.



There are two basic ways that sound can affect us, one’s called psycho-acoustics, and that’s where sound goes into our ears, into our brain and affects our nervous system, our heart rate, our respiration, our brainwaves, [our] blood pressure. The other is called vibro-acoustics, and that is where sound goes into the body, affecting you on a cellular level.


As our bodies are made up of 75 per cent water, and because water is a great conductor of sound vibrations, different sound frequencies influence all the cells in our bodies and help us to rebalance our organs.


If cells in the body are not vibrating at their natural, healthy frequency, sounds that match that frequency can help restore them to proper balance, thereby bringing about physiological change.

What Happens In A Treatment Session?


A full body healing with sound and vibrations to reduce stress, assist with pain, relaxation, and more. Handmade Brass Himalayan singing bowls of different sizes are gently placed on the body (over clothes) and played. The client hears the beautiful rhythmic sounds and feels the soothing vibrations.

















Great for physical, emotional and energetic relaxation. We all vibrate at our own rhythms. When we hear the sounds of the bowls, our energy entrains with the resonance of the sounds. Modern life and the energy we pick up from the world around us (such as electrical devices) affect our natural rhythms, and listening to the pure sound of the bowls balances our mind and body. Singing bowls induce theta brain waves, which is perfect for meditation and can facilitate deep relaxation and healing.


One of the most promising applications of sound healing, suggests recent research, is in the area of stress and anxiety relief. sound healing may help reduce stress by reducing cortisol, the stress hormone, and increasing oxytocin, the body’s feel-good hormone.


If you are on a mission to reduce stress and improve your general well-being, then why not try a sound healing massage for yourself?

It’s non-invasive, gentle and calming and raising your vibration can only invite more optimism and confidence into your life.

Please check out some of my client's feedback on the sound healing session that I provide:

"It’s my best sound healing experience so far. I would highly recommend it. Pure perfection." J-M

"I never had an experience like this before. I was amazed at what you can achieve with sound healing. My headache stopped after the first session, and I had it for almost five months.

I felt calm and relaxed and booked a second one in a few days.

Thank you very much x."



"I 100% recommend it! Everyone needs to try Kelly's sound healing massage sessions she brought back from India - it's magical."



If you would like to book a Sound Healing Energy Massage, please click the link below or email Kelly at to find out more and to schedule in your time for relaxation on a deeper level...

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Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden

Sound Healing Massage Gift Voucher To Purchase

Click on the Sound Healing Massage Gift Voucher below to purchase your gift of relaxation and healing for loved ones and friends for any occasion. Gift vouchers are valid for six months from the date of purchasing the gift voucher.

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