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​One-to-One Sessions of Meditation
​30 min - £20           60 min - £45
At a Location - £50+

Learn Meditation and how to do it for yourself in a relaxed, calm enviroment in our therapy room in Henley-On-Thames or at your chosen location.

Each Meditation can be tailored to your needs but some could include the following:


Transcendental Meditation

A Quiet Mind Meditation

Self Healing and Empowerment

To face your emotions and your real-self

Self cleansing of the Chakras

Meditation for Recovery

Mind Calm Meditation

I also provide Meditation Sessions for beginners as well as Meditations especially for:

  • Anxiety and Stress

  • For Hormonal Balance

  • For Better Sleep

  • For Manifesting and the Law of Attraction

  • For Tension, aches and pains

  • For Better Focus and concentration

  • Calming the "Monkey Mind"

  • For Life

Each of the Meditations are relaxing, enjoyable and effective.

Book a 30min session to try it for yourself.

Courses of Meditation are highly recommended. Contact me to find out more and to discover which Meditation is best for your needs. I can provide a course of 3, 6, 8 or 12 sessions - perfect for beginners and to establish a routine and practice that you can learn and continue through life.

Get in touch with me to find out more at pureblissretreats@mail.com



"Meditation is like giving a hug to ourselves, getting in touch with that awesome reality in us, while meditating we feel a deep sense of intimacy with God, a love that is inexplicable"

              Paramahamsa Yogananda