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All Treatments and Therapies at Pure Bliss Holistic Therapies in Henley-on-Thames are 100% tailored to your needs. Each treatment is unique and effective at reducing stress, tension, aches and pains as well as taking you away from the outside world and into a total calming, relaxed, comforted and supportive environment leaving you feeling blissed out.

All products used in all treatments at Pure Bliss Holistic Therapies are 100% natural and chemical free as well as intensively powerful with ingredients from around the world that benefit you and your skin, body, mind and spirit.

Kelly is a highly experienced therapist in massage, holistic, energy and beauty therapy for the past 23 years. Read more about Kelly here and her experience and qualifications in Holistic and Massage Therapy.

"Each of my Therapies at my Henley Therapy room includes a welcome drink, as well as help and further guidance if needed. Come travel with me into total peace and distant lands, find your true relaxation, total mind freedom and pure bliss in the world.

These aren't your ordinary therapies, but Therapies that will change the way that you have treatments forever."

For Ladies Only!

First Time having a treatment or therapy with me? I highly recommend as your first treatment to start from the ground up. Such as a relaxing Foot Massage or Reflexology or a relaxing Reiki Session that treats the whole body, mind and spirit.

All treatment times include consultation with your therapist Kelly, as well as changing before and after treatment.

Please allow plenty of time in your day before and after your treatment(s) to get the best results from the therapies offered.

Please read our full Terms and Conditions before booking as well as Kelly's tips and advice before your treatment and before booking to find out more.

Discover some of Pure Bliss's Holistic Therapies that Kelly has to offer. Just scroll down or click on any of the Therapies and Treatments that you are interested in to open up each therapy that is offered below.


Reflexology Therapy



Balance your whole bodies energy and physical health and well-being with these healing and relaxing Foot Therapy treatments which will help refresh tired, puffy feet and leave them feeling revitalised, refreshed and totally relaxed. It's a lovely way to relax after a long day. Helping to soothe your muscles, hydrate your skin and relieve any aches and pains, swelling due to standing for hours or walking in uncomfortable foot wear.


These foot therapy is perfect for everybody and incredibly grounding. I highly recommend a foot therapy as your first treatment to relax not only your feet, but your whole body and mind. Helping you to feel less stressed, more relaxed and more balanced in your body and mind.

Check out my relaxing foot therapies from ancient Reflexology to Healing Foot Therapy below.

Reflexology Therapy


60 mins - £55.00

Reflexology foot massage is an ancient Chinese massage dating back over 3000 years. It can be deeply relaxing and extremely therapeutic. It can help with many ailments and problems that you are facing as well as helping to repair and heal your body from stress or discomfort. Extremely effective at balancing and grounding the whole body and mind and bringing the body back into harmony and balance again.


Healing Foot Therapy

90 mins - £90.00 Including an Indian Head Massage

60 mins - £55.00

Balance your whole bodies energy and physical health and well-being with this healing and relaxing Foot Therapy treatment which will help refresh tired, puffy feet and leave them feeling revitalised, refreshed and totally relaxed. This foot therapy is perfect for everybody and includes foot exfoliation, herbal mud mask and aromatherapy foot massage and pressure points. Helping to keep your feet cleansed, refreshed and relaxed.




Science reveals that a fully functioning of the Belly or Navel (tummy) plays an important role in Health, Immunity, Wellbeing, Success & Happiness. A healthy gut is the foundation to a healthy body, without this key foundation, health cannot be created.

The Belly has a mind of its own, the “enteric nervous system". Just like the larger brain in the head, researchers say, this system sends and receives impulses, records experiences and respond to emotions.

It's nerve cells are bathed and influenced by the same neurotransmitters. The Belly can upset the brain just as the brain can upset the Belly.

Highly recommended for everybody who wants to help keep a healthy bowel and their intestinal health which is vital for a healthy body, immune system and mind and for the prevention of diseases.

Each of these Tummy Therapies are deeply relaxing and beneficial for general health and wellbeing.


Naval Candling Therapy

50 mins - £50.00

This ancient treatment has been used by many cultures and has helped to cleanse, purify and heal.

Using a hollow herbal candle which is lighted and placed over the belly-button and then follows a relaxing tummy massage to ease and releases any areas that are experiencing discomfort or pain, especially in the lower back.


Abdominal Sacral Colon Massage

60 mins - £58.00

This therapy belongs to one of the oldest forms of therapy within the Malay Medicine.

It acts as a natural colonic irrigation and helps to maintain a healthy bowel and digestive system using unique cleansing and clearing massage techniques on the abdomen to help your natural digestive flow.

This massage also includes a lower back massage and a naval candle to 

Reiki Treatment


It is now estimated that 75% of ailments, injuries, aches and pains are present due to stress or stress that you have experienced a while back.

All of these Therapeutic Energy Balancing Therapies allow the body to release stress, which contributes to repair and healing. All therapies include a further consultation, time for changing before and after treatment within the treatment time stated below.


Why not experience the healing power of your body and what it can heal, with a gentle loving nudge in the right direction such as Reiki, Aura Therapy, Angelic Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Chakra Therapy,  Reiki and Massage and Hopi Ear Candling Therapy to help your body to become stronger, healthier and happier.

Start your healing journey today.

Reiki Treatment

Reiki Therapy

60 mins - £48.00

30 mins - £28.00

Taster Session - £18.00

This traditional Japanese Energy healing therapy technique that works very well for stress release, relaxation as well as balancing the mind, body the emotional body.

Sacred Angel Chakra Healing_edited.jpg

Angelic Reiki

60 mins - £50.00

30 mins - £30.00

Angelic Reiki is a safe, natural, high frequency, multidimensional system of Angelic Healing and consciousness expansion that allows connection through the Angelic Kingdom of Light to your Soul energy in order to bring through powerful healing.

Relaxing Massage

Reiki And Massage

60 mins - £55.00

All the amazing benefits of Reiki and Massage together!

30 mins Reiki and 30 mins Massage - £55.00

With Aromatherapy oils - £5.00 extra


Aura Therapy

45 mins - £40.00