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Intuitive Wellness Coaching and Counselling

"Wellness encompasses a healthy body, a sound mind and a tranquil spirit.

Enjoy the journey as you strive for wellness."
"When the mind is brought into harmony, it will heal the physical Body and the Spirit".
Integrate mind, body, spirit and soul into everyday life"



Improve Your Life and Well-being


Welcome to your new life, new mind, new body, spirit and to your unique soul purpose.



Creating a mind, body, spirit and soul balance is vital for living a healthy and happy fulfilled life. The four are interconnected and a weakness or imbalance in one of these aspects is crippling to the others. For example, severe emotional stress of the mind can cause high blood pressure and other illnesses in an otherwise healthy body. By the same token, a physical illness or injury can cause depression in a usually healthy mind.


Whole person well-being is balancing all of life


Everything is connected

Think about it...

Stress, for example, is common at work and in relationships. It can alter how you think, eat, feel and breathe.

Out of balance, these can make stress worse, BUT...



Kelly Singh can give you a fresh way to manage and balance all areas of your life, emotionally, spiritually and Physically.

With her unique and Innovative Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul life Programs and Intuitive Coaching.


Be inspired, nurtured and supported to make positive changes in your life.


Kelly is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and achieve health and wellness through holistic natural living.


Whether you are stressed, overstretched in your everyday life, fatiqued;  feeling burdened, un-organised, eating poorly, overweight, lacking a spiritual purpose.



Each mind, body, spirit and soul balancing program that Kelly offers helps to realign your natural flow, boost your well-being, confidence in yourself and everything around you, achieve balance and harmony in your life and help to release deep seated tension. Which all benefit you physically, mentally and spiritually creating joy and peace in your body and mind. 

Kelly incorporates many of her natural healing methods and gifts to offer nourishment for you and your soul. Follow each one and create total well-being and wellness and a more fulfilling life for you and your family.


Kelly can help to rid your body, mind, spirit and soul from physical or emotional pain and any negative impact it has had on your health. Not only tension and pain, but also negative emotions that you have held onto through trauma or illness in this life or past lives, that traditional treatments can't reach or release. 


Let Kelly show you a new way to a happier, healthier and stress/ pain free YOU.


You were born to shine and live your life with passion and purpose


Remember this is your time to shine. 

Your time to focus on you and transform your life from the inside out.

Book your free 15 min call

Contact Kelly to find out more... and to start your transformation today