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All massages at Pure Bliss are 100% tailored to your needs. Each treatment is unique and effective at reducing stress, tension, aches and pains as well as taking you away from the outside world and into a total calming, relaxed, comforted and supportive environment leaving you feeling blissed out.

All massage oils used in all treatments are 100% natural and intensively powerful with natural ingredients from around the world. Kelly also makes and sells her own unique oil blends, for the Chakra's, to stress relief and sleep and hormonal remedies.


"Each of my Therapies at my Henley-on-Thames Therapy room includes a welcome drink, as well as help and further guidance if needed. Come travel with me into total peace and distant lands, find your true relaxation, total mind freedom and pure bliss in the world.

Choose from a Traditional Swedish Massage, or an Aromatherapy Massage or a Relaxing Chakra Massage below and feel the tension melt away in no time...

These aren't your ordinary massages, but Therapies that will change the way that you have treatments forever. 

For Ladies Only!

First Time having a massage with me? I highly recommend as your first massage to book the 60mins sessions to allow yourself to fully immerse yourself in the power of massage!

Hand Oil Drop

Aroma Bliss Massage Therapy

Light, Relaxing and Stress Relieving

120 mins - £120.00
90 mins - £90.00

60 mins - £60.00
45 mins - £50.00
30 mins - £40.00

100% Pure Bliss in this relaxing holistic Aromatherapy massage that will leave you feeling light and refreshed and all brand new. Experience this beautiful massage of Pure Bliss with natural essential oils specific to your needs.

Chakras illustrated over human body with

Pure Bliss Chakra Aromatherapy Massage

Light, Energetic, Flowing and Relaxing Pressure

120 mins - £125.00
90 mins - £95.00
60 mins - £65.00

Chakra Massage is a very unique massage as it works on areas that are in chronic pain and tension due to stress or emotional tension. Working on your bodies connection to your mind and emotions which your body stores over time. And these can be deep seated. The human body has to let go to be able to heal. This massage will help you to finally let go of the pain and tension you feel and leave you feeling more at peace.

Spa treatment. Back massage. Massage zon

Deep Tissue Massage

Medium to Firm and Extra Firm Pressure - For More Isolated Deep and Direct Pressure

120 mins - £125.00
90 mins - £95.00
75 mins - £80.00
60 mins - £65.00
45 mins - £55.00
30 mins - £45.00

This Deep Tissue Massage is intended for those looking to have a more targeted, isolated massage with deep and direct pressure.


This massage focuses on the deeper tissue structures of the body. This massage is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints). 

Back Massage

Traditional Swedish Wellbeing Massage

Light to Medium Pressure - Basic Maintenance Massage

120 mins - £115.00
90 mins - £85.00

60 mins - £55.00
45 mins - £45.00
30 mins - £35.00

This relaxing basic Swedish maintenance massage is perfect for those looking to maintain their bodies health and well-being. Using Traditional nourishing oils the massage consists of light to medium massage strokes and pressure that works on all areas of the body, allowing the body to naturally detoxify, rejuvenate and to release tension and general day-to-day aches and pains. Perfect for ongoing weekly or monthly sessions. A more superficial massage for maintenance and people with very minimal, if no tension.

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