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Health and Wellbeing Benefits of Regular Facials

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Why Facials?

Facials are so much more than just an hour of indulgent pampering. They have enormous benefits to the health and wellness of your skin and body, both in the short and long term. When you consider all of the regular visits you make (dentist, hair salon, gym), you’ll realise you really should be focusing some of that time on your skin–even if it’s just when seasons change and your skin is at its most vulnerable.

Facials are beneficial for all skin types, and particularly for clients who suffer with acne and skin complaints and to be had a least anything from once a month - to every 6 weeks.

That way, when your new skin cells have been generated, the dead cells can be exfoliated.

Create beautiful skin with regular facials to help to enhance what you already have and to help maintain and protect your skin from environmental, as well as emotional stress, which can all cause havoc to your skin.

More than Just a Facial

Facials aren’t just for beauty purposes or dewy skin from the outside/in. Benefits of a facial go way deeper than just the surface of your skin.

Yes, facials do help improve overall skin health. Facials stimulate the body’s natural process of cell reproduction and the production of collagen. Along with the improvement in the appearance of skin tone, texture, fine lines, acne, dryness, hypo pigmentation and hyperpigmentation.

But wait…

There’s so much more and it goes way deeper than the surface.

By improving the health of your skin with regular facials, this will in turn improve the overall functionality of your body’s internal workings. Since the skin is the largest organ in the body, this system as a whole interacts with all the other body systems.

Here’s how.

Your skin, or your integumentary system, directly interacts with your Immune system by being your first line of defense against environmental toxins and pathogens. Additionally, this system directly works with your Digestive system by absorbing and synthesizing vitamins through the skins capillaries.

Not to mention your skin also works very closely with both your Circulatory system and Nervous system. Relaxing sensations of touch assists the circulatory system in blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, while massage also helps to relax the nervous system so the body can rest and repair itself.

To sum it all up- your skin influences all your other body systems by helping the other organs to recharge and de-stress. It only makes sense that when you take care of your facial skin, you also help your internal organs, for the health of your organs shows on your face and both are directly correlated with the other.

Just like foot Reflexology, The face also maps out the bodies organs and is one form of a series of therapeutic techniques in which simple massage and pressure points are used to stimulate certain zones of the body, called reflex zones. Facials that consist of reflexology techniques are a great way of keeping your body healthy as well as your skin on your face and neck.

Facials have become exceedingly popular, as more people realise the health and wellbeing benefits they have to offer.

Here are just some of the many reasons why you should get facials regularly.

  • Deep cleansing - clears the pores

  • They are anti ageing and create younger looking skin over time

  • Lowers and alleviates stress levels and makes you feel calm and good

  • Incredibly relaxing

  • Rejuvinates the skin leaving it healthy and glowing

  • Detoxifies the skin and eliminates toxins

  • Hydrates and nourishes

  • Decreases Puffiness and congestion

  • Improves blood circulation and blood flow

  • Increases lymphatic drainage

  • Naturally lifts and improves tone in the facial muscles

  • Deep exfoliation

  • Increases absorption abilities of products that you use at home

  • Balances the skin and creates harmony

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

  • Creates smoother and firmer skin

  • Helps prevent environmental stress damage like UV rays, pollution and chemicals

  • Stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin

  • Protects skin from premature ageing.

  • Reduces acne breakouts

  • Calms Rosacea and reduces redness

  • Helps to contour the face and neck

  • Releases any tight muscles around the forehead, jaw, neck and shoulders

  • Reduces the appearance of tiredness and dullness

  • and so much more...

Regular facials and the use of certain organic and skin beneficial products can help to protect skin against premature ageing processes and environmental stress.

Here at Pure Bliss, we do Facials differently. Our Facials are designed to work with not only the face but body, mind and spirit also. These Facials will send you on a sensory journey of pure bliss and happiness. Which will increase the benefits of all the facials that are provided. 

We use only the best natural and organic skin care products that come from nature, "That Work" as well as giving your skin all the nutrients and vitamins it needs to stay healthy and radiant.

All of our facials Include skin loving ingredients that naturally brightens and tones and boosts elasticity. Using natural organic earth sourced sustainable ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid, Vitamins A, B3, C and E, natural antioxidants such as Green Tea, Turmeric, Q-10, collagen, co-enzymes, amino acids, Siberian herbs and minerals, Ginseng, Probiotics, Omega 3-6-9, Botanicals, AHA's, essential fatty acids, plant based super proteins, spiralina, chlorella, kale, hemp, Arctic Ashberry, goto kola, goji berries, fruit extracts, flower extracts, pure organic essential oils.

All act enhance the skins appearance and to plump the skin reducing the appearance of tiredness and dullness.

It also helps to fight against declining elasticity by protecting the skins elastin and collagen from harmful chemicals, biological threats and UV light and rays.

Each facial can be created uniquely to your skins needs and concerns and are fully customised and includes a full face double cleanse, tone, scrub and massage of the neck, shoulders and face as well as a full face treatment mask and either a full head massage or hand and arm massage included in the 60-90min facials.​

All facials include facial reflexology and facial acupressure points to release tense facial muscles as well as allowing blood and lymph to flow more easily, leaving skin with a healthy glow and a smoother complexion.

Plus helps you to create your own skincare routine that works for you.

60-90 minute Treatments Includes: A welcome drink as well as help and advice if needed. Also includes a herbal foot cleanse with hot mitts and a relaxing Thai and reflexology pressure point massage on the feet to balance and release tight hips and lower back for the 60 - 90 minute treatments only.

These really are Facials that you just have to try...

If you would like to book a Facial please email me here and check out some of my Facials that I offer to see which one is best for you or book in for one of my Skin consultations to discuss your skins needs and goals that you have in mind.

I look forward to pampering you soon...

Best Wishes



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