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One-to-One Sessions of Yoga in Henley Therapy Room
60 min - £45         90 mins - £70
At a Location - £50+
Online Sessions on Skype or Zoom - 30 mins - £20       60 mins - £40

Learn or develop your own yoga practice with these one-to-one yoga sessions to help you to re-connect with your body and mind. Each session is designed and tailored around your needs and is taken in our therapy room in Henley-on-Thames. 

Yoga has many substantial proven benefits for the whole body and mind. Start your one-to-one yoga journey today.

Each of my private one-to-one sessions incorporate Hatha Yoga principles which Hatha Yoga is the traditional form of yoga and would be more basic and gentle with a focus on alignment, and physical and mental benefits of each pose, making Hatha the perfect choice for a novice yogi.

In addition to asana practice (yoga poses), Hatha yoga utilises breath in the form of pranayama exercises (controlled breathing techniques) and meditation which is at the heart of traditional Hatha yoga.

Other types of yoga styles available:

  • Chakra Yoga - Chakra Balancing to align mind, body and soul and balancing energy for physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing.

  • Yoga Bliss - Daily Yoga you can do easily at home with 30min Yoga sessions ( Not for beginners)

  • Balance and Renew Yoga - perfect for aligning your posture and increasing balance and flexability in the body and mind.

  • Ayurvedic Yoga for the Dosha's - Body Type Yoga, the worlds oldest health system, the Mother of all medicine. Roots in India dating back over 5,000 years and timeless principles are used still today. This Yoga is especially designed for your unique body type and body concerns. 

  • Yoga for Office Workers - Undo the damage of your desk job - Feeling tired and tense at your desk? Sore shoulders and neck, weak back muscles and tight legs?

  • Leg Toning Yoga - Get strong toned sexy legs with my Leg toning Yoga session. Tone your legs, arms, buttocks and abs.

Contact me to find out more, each Yoga session can be fully customised around your needs.

Contact me today to find out how I could help.

Courses of my One-to-One Yoga sessions are highly recommended. Contact me to discuss which type of yoga you would be interested in and I can arrange a course of 6 or 12 sessions of your choice.

The aim of Yoga is not to be good at it, but to emerge yourself in the process.

Check out Kelly's new Yoga Beginners Ebook and Yoga Journals for Health and Wellbeing  and discover everything you ever wished to know about Yoga and how they can help you in your life. Check out my shop.


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