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Fullfill Your Hearts Desires - The Pure Bliss Way!

Updated: Jun 30, 2020


I provide Holistic Coaching, Counselling, Healing, Reiki, Meditation, Nutritional Nourishment for busy people who are juggling work, home, family, relationships and life.

Allowing my clients to take back their innate abilities, to take time out from their everyday stress and pressure. And to find new ways of being and living in more peace and harmony with ourselves and the world around us.

I also help my clients to find quiet time alone and to become the specialist in their own lives, through time spent alone in meditation, relaxation and time for being themselves, and to let others know their needs.

I help people who want to reach their full potential by creating a peaceful, loving and safe environment for them to grow in. Some of the things that I help guide my clients on are:-

  • To help uplift and inspire themselves with their own personal transformation and experience.

  • To let go of hypersensitivity, ego, fear, insecurities, distress and anxiety.

  • To be able to use more of their nuturing feminine energy to love and believe in themselves.

  • To attain a higher level of consciousness and to reach their full potential learning to be an individual, creative and a leader with sensitivity, intuition and compassion to create peace.

  • To attain and maintain balance in every area of their lives and to distinguish between fantasy and reality in order to achieve their goals.

  • To have an imaginative and inventive mind, passion, enthusiasm to follow through with practicle action steps to accomplish their desired results.

  • To be confident and proactive to attract abundance, success and fame living by their higher ideals.

  • For them to have self understanding and to take responisibility for the roles that they play in the events in their lives.

  • To let go of mood swings, intense personalities and unrealistic views.

  • To be more understanding, kind and sensitive to others needs.

  • To rise above the ego and to have trust and belief in who they are and what they are doing.

  • To take time out for fun and relaxation

  • To create security and stability are all vital for our wellbeing.

  • To make a commitment to themselves and dedicate themselves to a project, relationship or a dream that they have.

  • To define their personal limits, boundaries and how to say "NO."

  • To be more grounded in who they are - stepping into their full power and surrendering to their higher ideals.

  • To feel happy and loved and honest about feelings.

  • To stand up for themselves, not letting others take them for granted.

  • To love, nurture, support and to heal by getting needs met.

  • To be creative, artistic, intuitive and to have the ability to love and heal themselves.

  • To be more cooperative, understanding and patient to themselves and to others.

  • To create more harmonious environments or to work more effectively. Being Diplomatic, considerate and caring.

  • To uplift, inspire and empower others to create an exceptional life also.

  • To be more flexible and adaptable.

  • To have emotional, physical and financial stability.

  • To find courage, strength and tenacity to make it through.

  • To accept and let go of things that we can't control, allowing obstacles to disintigrate so that we can move forward in life.

  • To let go of control, intolerance, judgement and emotions of withdrawal.

  • To think outside the box!

  • To embrace gradual progress and change.

  • To build stable foundations.

  • To become more organised, disciplined, economical and focused - being practicle and responsible and having order to make life better.

  • To put those ideas into physical form to build a stable emotional and financial foundation.

  • To allow my clients to feel complete, whole, content, secure, peaceful, happy, energised and balanced in all that they are and all that they do.

  • To "Just Be." To be a seeker of knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

  • To find your spiritual truth.

  • To know it's okay to feel socially uncomfortable and awkward at times.

  • How to develop trust in yourself, others, partners and friends.

  • How to be independent, open and trusting of others and to communicate your emotions, embrace imperfections and to have hope and faith.

  • How to be passionate about something you believe in.

  • How to get motivated by new experiences, people, travel, variety, excitement and adventure...

  • How to enhance your ability to communicate effectively with others.

  • How to be more flexible and versatile so you can adapt more easily to change.

  • How to step out of your comfort zone and to live a fuller life and to take risks and to grow through personal experiences.

  • How to make the most of every opportunity and experience...

  • How to communicate what you have learned to help others in your life to improve their lives.

The work that I provide could help to:

  • Relieve Stress, Anxiety and Tension in the body and the mind

  • Reduce and Relieve Pain and Pressure

  • Encourage and Increase Relaxation and Peacefulness

  • Improve Mood and Contentment

  • Aid Sleep and Improve Better Sleep Quality

  • Improve Energy and Focus in your everyday life, helping you to feel more Energized

  • Improve Hormonal Health and Balance 

  • Connect on a Deeper Level to Yourself,

  • Connect to YOUR Spiritual and Life Path

  • Become Whole and Complete

  • Become Content with who YOU ARE and where you are heading in your life

  • Empower you to be your BEST Self

  • Create More Serenity and Peace within Yourself and in Your Life

  • Create Purpose and Meaning in your Life

  • And so much more...

Allowing you to feel your absolute BEST - Energised, Peaceful, In-control, Happy and Content with your Life.

Wouldn't we all want to feel like all of these?

Understanding the truth and meaning of things in life.

Finding out - Who am I?  Where am I going?  What is the Meaning

The work that I do offers insight, understanding and awareness beyond the physical world for answers to fulfilling your hearts desires.

You are an intelligent, mysterious and intriguing, insightful and a wise human being and you wish to discover your spiritual truth and improve your quality of life and to work on your personal and spiritual development. To make time for contemplation, meditation and prayer.

To have Freedom and to enjoy life

To have a colourful and happy changeable life. To avoid boredom and distractions. 

To find space, time, freedom to do what you want, when you want to do it.

To think outside the box, to see things from a different perspective.

To speak and promote what interests you.

To create discipline, focus, presence and grounding in all that you do.

How to squeeze as many experiences as possible into this life.

How to make friends easily and how to get out of addictions to chaos and drama. Eliminating unnecessary drama.

How to use your freedom constructively

How to plan and prioritise

To be honest and authentic

To focus and commit

To achieve a depth of experience in your life, relationships, business or career.

To be patient and tolerant.

To live your life to the fullest, and to experience as much as you can in this life, if you wish!

To be free to be yourself without restrictions and limitations.

To be responsible and use your freedom wisely.

To feel stimulated and challenged.

And so much more...

We start with a 15 minutes free scheduled chat over the phone to discuss where you are right now and where it is that you would like to head towards in your life moving forward.

Let me know if this is something you would like to explore or implement in your life. Book a free 15 minutes scheduled call from me to see if this would be good for you.

Email me at to book your free session with Kelly Singh.

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