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Day 5 - 30 Day Transformation

Hi beautyiful,

We are 5 days into our 30 day transformation and so far we are going great guns forward in achieving your goals and dreams.

Today, I want you to become more aware of yourself and how you have been feeling over the last few days of moving forward to achieving your dreams.

To become more aware of how you feel about your goals and about yourself.

How do they make you feel? Do they make you feel positive? Is there some things that you want to tweek? Or are they just perfect for you? Take 30 minutes out of your day today and write down how your goals make you feel and then write about how your goals make you feel about yourself? What changes have you noticed about yourself? Positive and negative.

We want to see how your progress is having an impact on how you feel and how you are with yourself in achieving these goals, are you feeling positive and are there areas of your life or your person that you feel you could change or tweek to make better or positive changes that can help you move forward.

This exercise helps you to become more aware of yourself and what you want to achieve and how the process of working towards them is making you feel so far.

It's a great way of knowing yourself and what you are doing is worth aquiring. So well done to you so far, your doing a great job and should tap yourself on the back.

Don't forget:

  • to keep taking new small steps each day

  • Contact the people you need to help you to achieve your goals

  • Keep feeling everyday that you have already achieved your dreams

  • And become aware of how you feel about your goals and yourself while you are stepping forward to achieve them, how does it feel?

Doing these steps everyday will bring you closer to achieving all that you wish for.

All it takes is dicepline and a path to follow and to stick with it, it's that simple.

I would love to know how you found todays lesson, what have you been learning about yourself, that you didnt know about before doing this? And how is it all making you feel so far in raeching for your dreams and goals. As always please let me know in the comments below.

Plus please forward this to friends or loved ones who could do with this lesson in life and to amke their dreams a reality.

And I look forward to seeing you soon over the weekend.

To your on-going success.

Much love,


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