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Day 25 - 30 Day Transformation

Hi All,

Hope that you enjoyed your Meditation session yesterday? Did you have any insights from doing the Meditations? Did you find them easy to do?

Don't worry if you did, this is totally normal and with regular practice Meditation can help improve and change your life for the better. So keep practicing.

We are only 5 more days left of our Transformation and I would love to hear of what breakthroughs you have had so far, what have you achieved so far since doing this programme. The more that we acknowledge what we have achieved and gained from this, the more we can see that it is working and that we are moving ourselves forward and that anything is possible with a plan in place and action steps each day to follow, you can achieve anything that you want.

Also discipline is so important, without disapline and focus and sticking to it each and everyday will help you to have perminate habits that you can continue using as you already know how to do it, so it's just having the discipline to make it happen. That is often the hardest part, the discipline.

So well done if you have found discipline in everything that you are doing and the actions you are taking. The more that you practice this the easier it will become. It's like working out, when we work out certain muscles they get stronger and used to the movements and actions needed to do the exercise. Its the same for discipline and anything that you need to develop, just like a muscle.

So today I want you to continue being disciplined and focused as you have been and re-check your list of what needs to happen now in the next few days, because soon our 30 day sessions will be over, so let's make the next 5 days be awesome and hugely productive in all that you do.

Don't forget the passion, the drive and the determination of you originally wanting this in your life. So focus on that and keep on moving forward every minute of the day. Keep that focus, passion and determination there and you will be unstoppable.

Have a great day. And as always to your success.

See you tomorrow...

Much love,


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