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Day 23 - 30 Day Transformation

Welcome to Day 23,

I hope you managed to get through some of the action steps you had for yourself yesterday?

Today I wanted to work with you on building up your self esteem and self confidence to achieve whatever it is that you wish to achieve and I believe the best way to do this is to feel confident in what you are doing.

If you love what you are doing, then you are going to be expressing confidence and knowledge about what you are passionate about. When you know what you love and are passionate about, you exude confidence and self esteem because you feel good about what you do, what you spend your time doing and why it keeps you doing it. You couldn't live without it.

We all have experienced this in some areas of our lives and it can be in sport, music, time with animals or a hobby that you just can't help knowing or doing more of it.

We all have confidence, it just means we might be lacking in it in some areas of our own life, like meeting new people, putting yourself out there to do new things and to help new people. There will always be a fear that can hold you back from moving forward.

When you look at the fear that you have around the issue that is stopping you from moving forward,

is to know that it is only fear and fear as we know isn't real, it just stops us from moving forward and allowing us to grow and stretch more as a human being.

Once you know that fear isn't real and doesn't exist. Then look at all the positives around this issue that is holding you back. What wonderful things will you gain from taking these steps forward or helping others.

The more that you can make something feel good and easy, then you will feel confident in doing it, you will know that it will help you to grow as a person and your self esteem and confidence will grow also.

So today look at anything, any areas where you feel a little less confident and assess why it is, what has been getting in the way of you moving ahead. If it's fear, get rid of it and then look at all the positives of doing the actions and then see how you feel. You should be feeling more confident in yourself and the situation.

It will take some practice, but the more you do it, the easier it will become.

So get out there and break some fears, do what has been holding you back and make progress in your life again.

As always I would love to hear how you got on in the comment below.

And as always to your success.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow... We only have 7 more days left of Transformation, lets make it a great one last week.

Much love,


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