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Day 21 - 30 Day Transformation

Hi Guys,

I hope you got the chance to have some pampering yesterday?

I know I did. I hope you enjoyed it and feel all blissed out today?

Today is all about re-evaluating and celebrating what you have achieved this week as well as areas that still need to be worked on and ways that you can accomplish what you wish to achieve.

So let's start at re-evaluating what you have done this week.

Check over your week and write down on a separate piece of paper all of the things that you accomplished and did this week that is and has been bringing you closer to your goals and wishes.

Then on another page write down what you didn't manage to get done this week

And on another page write down what you would of done differently?

What got in your way of what you wanted to achieve this week that has passed now?

Write down all the things that still needs to be done for this new week that is coming on another blank page.

And re-assess if anything needs changing, if it does change it, is there anything that you can delegate to someone else who can help you?

What can you do better for this new week coming?

With all this new information and knowledge in your hands, you know that the new week ahead is going to be a great success having this insight into your progress and how you can move forward easier and better for yourself.

It's coming from you and it's for the betterment of you to grow and extend you know how and that you can achieve anything that you want, as long as you have a plan, a road map laid out for you to follow, and what you have done is exactly that.

Making the new week that is coming a more easier process to take to achieving your goals and your visions for the future. Doing this each week just helps you to build on your own self confidence and understanding of what needs to be done to achieve you goals.

After you have done this exercise. Read over everything and tap yourself on the back for achieving all that you have and did this week and know that you have come such a long way and are doing amazing things to make your dreams come true. The evidence is there to see. So congratulate yourself and what you have achieved so far.

Well done.

Let me know how well you have done this week and what are your positive steps for next week that will help you move forward...

As always to your success

Much love,


p.s see you tomorrow...

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