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Day 20 - 30 Day Transformation

Welcome to the weekend.

Where has this week gone! It's just flown by.

Today I want you to do something that you love, just like we did last Saturday. Choose something on your list that you want to pamper yourself with. Is it a massage, a chakra healing therapy, facial or some Meditation or Yoga practice?

Whatever it is. Take the time out for you to get something that you don't often get and have it, make it happen and enjoy the moment of having it. You know you deserve it and allowing yourself to treat YOU and give back to you is so powerful and so important.

So choose something that you love and do it.

Then I would like you to let me know how your experience was, what did you do, what did you have? How did it feel and how did you feel afterwards?

Let me know in the comments below as always.

To your bliss and happiness today and your success in a happier, healthier you.

Best Wishes and happy pampering yourself

Much love,


p.s see you tomorrow for some self reflection...

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