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Day 19 - 30 Day Transformation

Hi Guys,

I hope you are well and looking forward to the weekend?

I hope yesterday went well, taking care of what you eat and consume in your bodies to help keep you energised and motivated to achieve your goals and dreams.

Today I want to work on your energy and how energy can affect you body.

Energy is everywhere, everywhere we look. Everything is made up of energy including ourselves and this energy that we have within us keeps us alive and healthy.

If the energy gets blocked or stagnant, then we get sick or feel sluggish and can't move forward. Everything feels like a big struggle.

Life shouldn't be like that, life is meant to be easy.

If you find that this happens to you every now and then or more than often. Then your energies are experiencing blockages. These blockages can be caused by many things like stress, emotional stress or frustration, heartache, negative thoughts, low self esteem, lack of confidence, other peoples negative energies and emotions, lack of happiness, lack of healthy energising foods, lack of fresh air and exercise, lack of human contact, lack of love and contentment. Can all affect your bodies way of allowing energy to flow freely and easily throughout the body. Causing you to feel more stressed and frustrated, tired, sick and lacking in motivation to do anything.

The best way to unblock these energies and to help you feel more energised is to eat healthy foods that are fresh from the earth, rather than a packet, move your body with Yoga, thai chi or walking and being with nature.

Meditating to help decrease you levels of stress and anxiety in your life. And having massages and relaxing treatments as often as you can, to relax and let go and allowing the energy to flow through easily and more frequently. Once the energy starts to flow more easily, you will begin the feel more balanced, things will begin to feel more easier and less harder. You will begin to feel more in control of your emotions, feelings and you life again.

A great way to find out where in your body that you are experiencing blockages within your body is to have a chakra balancing session, which is basically your energy centers that get the blockages. Once we know which chakras get blocked, we can recommend which forms of meditation, yoga and treatments are best suited for your imbalance in blocked energy and with a program in hand, you are more likely to keep the energy flowing through all your energy centers and feel balanced, incontrol and happier and healthier again.

Plus you are more likely to achieve your goals and your wishes that you wish to see in your life. Once we have aligned and balanced your energy centers on the inside, the outside will improve immensely, meaning your life and your world around you and your experiences on a day to day basis.

To find out more about Chakra balancing or to book a session. Please call Kelly or email her at

I look forward to setting up a program that will be easy, straightforward and achievable for your way of life, so that life can become easier, happier and healthier.

Any quires please let me know in the comments below...

Until tomorrow.

To your onward success.

Much love,


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