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Day 15 - 30 Day Transformation

Congratulations, you are only half way through our 30 Day Transformation Programme and well done you for getting here so far! Well done you!

And to celebrate I want you today to continue what you are striving for from the list you made yesterday and then, if you can, treat yourself. Treat yourself to something your body will love like a full body massage! or a Facial or something else that you have had your eye on or always wanted to do.

It's time to treat yourself. If you can't stretch yourself to a massage today or Facial, what about a Meditation class, Yoga class? Or some time to yourself, a warm bath, a new magazine that you have been eyeing up for a while? Or some delicious meal that you have been wanting to make or a treat out with a good friend for lunch or dinner?

Whatever it is, and whatever you can manage comfortably in your means, treat yourself and feel good about it, as you earn't it. You worked really hard and you have come so far in the past 15 days.

So let's make this half way mark with something beautiful.

I would love to hear what you chose as your treat today and how you felt afterwards, all good!

In the comments below as always.

And Let's us know what you have accomplished so far in these 15 day's? Would love to hear and see what you have been up to.

As always to your success and I wish you an amazing pampering and treats day to you.

Well done.

Until tomorrow....

Much love,


P.S. If you are in Henley-on-Thames area, I have 15% off all my massages today until 9pm tonight. If you are interested in having a massage as your treat today, please call me from my website or email to book.

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