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Day 12 - 30 Day Transformation

Hi guys,

And welcome back to Day 12 of my 30 day transformation programme.

We all love it and feel grateful when someone does something nice for us, especially when we are not expecting it.

"Love can change the world"

And it can if we all do small acts of kindness with love each and everyday.

And it feels equally amazing when we help others without them asking or expecting it. Like an old lady or person across the road, or helping to carry someones with their heavy bags or pram down a flight of stairs.

Little acts of kindness, not only helps the other person and makes them feel good, but it can have a positive and rewarding effect on us all. And that can ripple from the person receiving to everyone that they meet that day and the same for them also.

This ripple can spread such joy, compassion and love to all.

So take the time today to get outside with others and do your own act of kindness to others today. It can be as simple as opening a door for someone. But if you can do at least 3 small acts of kindness, each of them different, to 3 different people each and everyday. The ripple will keep spreading. Only good will come of it and you will feel happier, honest and loving each and everyday.

So that's my wish for you today to go out and give little acts of kindness and Let me know in the comments below, what acts of kindness that you did and how did it turn out, what happened and how did you feel?

If we all do our 3 acts of kindness a day we really can make this a more loving and beautiful world.

So lets start today and with ourselves and people that we meet.

Wishing you a great day

To your success as always.

Much love,


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