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Chakra Therapy

Chakra Therapy
working with your CHAKRA CENTRES
45 mins - £40

Using the healing power of Crystals, Gem stones, aura colours, and pure aroma oils as a healing medium to create peace and calm in your energy body and to help each of your energy centers which are your Chakras to function at their optimum best and allows your body to naturally heal and repair what you are experiencing or in need of.


This therapy is done with you laying down and fully clothed. Just lay-back, relax and be open to the healing benefits from the power of the energy therapy.

Our health and fully functioning balance of our Chakras are vital for our own health and well being be it physically, emotionally and mentally. Without our Chakra's and their balance we wouldn't be here. So it's vital to check in with your energy centers and create harmony between them and balance.

"When your energy enters (Chakras) are balanced your outer world and experiences will be in balance also. Whats going on inside of you, is reflecting outwards and attracting all your experiences and outcomes in your life. Bring harmony and balance to your energy centers and your whole life will change, not only your energy and your health and well-being"


This is a fantastic treatment for anyone suffering from any problems or just need to balance and to feel more grounded and content with life and to boost well-being and health.

It can also be used for any issues or concerns from the past, present or future issues you would like help on.


To book please contact Kelly to schedule your session.

Regular Treatments Highly recommended especially in the world we live in at the moment. We all need balance and harmony more than ever!