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Introducing The Blissed out guide to Yoga for Beginners – Baby Steps for Practicing and Discovering the Joy of Yoga. Inside this eBook you will learn the many benefits of yoga and how you can icorporate it into your daily life.

For Strengthening Your Body, Increasing Wellbeing, Calming Your Mind and Discovering Peace. As well as increasing flexibility which goes hand in hand with enhancing your range of motion and improving the overall health of your joints and body.


Yoga for Beginners is the essential guide to getting started with yoga. With a friendly voice and step-by-step instructions, this book offers everything you need to start enjoying yoga's calming and strengthening effects on your life. Complete beginner's guide writtern by a professional and fully trained Yoga instructor to help you get started with yoga in your own home.


This book is a must have for anyone interested in Yoga or wanting to know more.


Please Note that this ebook is a digital product and isn't a physical product.

You will recieve the download of the ebook after purchasing. 

The download link will last for 30 days.


No refund or exchanges with digital products


Yoga For Beginners ebook by Kelly Singh

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