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This is a fantastic workbook that can help you to achieve and create a beautiful new year and new you. All based on your personal values, your unique vision for yourself and your life and your inspirational goals that you have planned for the New Year by keeping you motivated. Lack of motivation or losing motivation is the most common reason why people stop pursuing their dreams and desires. This guide will help you to focus on what you really want and help you to prioritise what is most important to you, regarding your health, happiness and wellbeing. As well as how to stay motivated and yo achieve what you want.


Writtern by a professional life coach and wellness coach with over 14 years experience. You are guided step by step to create the life that you wish and the New Year ahead...


Please Note: This is a digital product, there is no physical product that will be posted. You will receive a link to download the digital product in the thank you page, as well as by email. The link is available for only 30 days.



New Year, New You, New Starts Workbook and Guide Ebook by Kelly Singh

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