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Pure Bliss Signature Face and Body Treatments

Treatments Exclusively For You


Kelly has taken the most relaxing and healing treatments and combined them with the best techniques from around the world. Kelly has created this selection of signature treatments exclusively for you.

My Pure Bliss unique Signature Chill Out Treatment is a complete Top-to-Toe Therapy treating the whole body, mind and spirit and helping to reconnect to your inner bliss and peace within.

This 2 hour of Bliss therapy includes a 1 hour full body massage of your choice from relaxation massage or deep relief massage, as well as a 1 hour Pure Bliss facial of your choice, which includes a very relaxing facial and scalp massage.

Experience your Blissful moments on my luxury massage bed and be transported with your chosen pure aromatherapy oil blend for the session.

Pure Bliss Signature Chill Out Session
2 hours of Bliss! - £120

Experience some Bliss pampering from Top-to-Toe with our signature therapy to allow you complete relaxation and harmony in body, mind and spirit. This totally customisable treatment is perfect for busy mums, working ladies, and anyone who finds it hard to get time for themselves.

This one of a kind signature treatment includes a sensory journey with my pre-blended pure organic aromatherapy oils, which you choose for your 1 hour full body massage of your choice - to help ease away those tight and sore muscles and aching areas, leaving you feeling lighter and completly chilled.

Plus an hours Pure Bliss Facial of your choice to help you unwind even more and a relaxing facial and scalp massage to finish off this wonderful super chill out therapy.

Take some "ME" Time out for yourself with this perfect chill out therapy.

Pure Bliss Signature Mini "Chill Out" Session
1 hour of Mini Bliss! - £68

Short on time, but want to have some time in your day or week to just chill out? Then book in for an hours Chill Out Session with Kelly's Signature Mini Chill Out Session. It includes a relaxing aromatic and therapeutic back, neck and shoulder massage to ease away tight and tense muscles. Followed by a relaxing and re-balancing mini facial and face, head and neck massage to release any tightness or pressure around the head, neck and face. Leaving skin silky smooth and body and mind completly chilled out and relaxed.

The Complete Body Detox
2 hour and 30 minutes of Detox Bliss! - £140

This 3-step whole body detoxification experience will restore your natural flow of energy and balance your body’s natural biorhythms. The session begins with your detoxification with our ionizing Pure Organic Aromatherapy Himalayan Salt scrub which renews your bio-magnetic energy field by emitting healing negative ions and removing dead skin cells and increasing the circulation, leaving the skin soft and silky smooth. Next our Colon massage, 

This therapy belongs to one of the oldest forms of therapy within the Malay Medicine.

It acts as a natural colonic irrigation and helps to maintain a healthy bowel and digestive system using unique cleansing and clearing massage techniques on the abdomen to help your natural digestive flow.

This massage also includes a naval candle to naturally cleanse and clear.

The natural benefits of this therapy are extensive.

Finally, the last step is a relaxing and stimulating Detox massage which includes lymphatic drainage to help the body to naturally remove toxins and waste within the tissues of the skin. Using pure aromatherapy detoxification essential oils the skin, mind and body will feel refreshed and invigorated.

Detox massage is a type of gentle manipulation using long relaxing strokes stimulating your lymphatic system to release toxins leaving your skin cleansed, radiant and illuminating!

Add on Therapies

Why not add on a particular therapy below you would like to have to any of the above therapies and make it truly a unforgettable treatment.

Hand Massage - 15 mins - £10

Hand Reflexology - 15 mins - £10

Head Massage - 15 mins - £10

Indian Head Massage - 15 mins - £10

Express Mini Facial - 15 mins - £10      30 mins - £20

Express Mini Pressure Point Facial - 15 mins - £10     30 mins - £20

Mini Eye Pressure Point Treatment - 15 mins - £10

Mini Eye Treatment - 30 mins - £20

Mini Reiki Session - 15 mins - £10

Mini Angelic Reiki Session - 15 mins - £10         25 mins - £20

Mini Crystal Healing Session - 15mins - £10


Add on Therapies

Foot Massage - 15 mins - £10

Reflexology - 15 mins - £10     30 mins - £20

Thai Foot Rocking Massage - 15 mins - £10

Foot Therapy - 30 mins - £25

Leg Massage - 15 mins - £10    30 mins - £20

Express Body Scrub - 30 mins - £25

Mini Meditation Session - 15 mins - £10

Extended Meditation Session - 30 mins - £20


To book any of the add on therapies to your Signature Treatment session/s, please contact Kelly at pureblissretreats@mail.com