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The Importance of Surrendering To Change - Waking Up To This New World!

Life is constantly evoloving and changing as are we every single day, and nothing is showing this to us more than ever right now with what is happening in the world around us at present.

It's a period of complete change, disruption and in some cases chaos.

But it's all part of the process of change and evolution, everything has to change, to shift, to move and that includes you, your body, your energy and your soul.

"Surrender to what is. Say Yes to life and see how life suddenly starts working for you, rather than against you" - Eckhart Tolle

It's important to remember that everything you fight with has power over you, and everything that you accept doesn't.

This means accepting everything that happens to you. When you surrender, you stop trying to control the circumstances and events in your life and allow them to unfold in the same way that you let the weather change.

It's really important to understand and accept the Illusion of control.

We cannot control when it rains or when it shines, or when its hot or cold. We just adjust accordingly.

We also can't control ANYTHING even what happens outside of us, such as events, people or situations. It's just the way that life is and its important that we learn to accept this with open loving hearts of acceptance and grace.

Everything in life is uncertain and we know that now more than ever since the start of this pandemic. Nothing is certain. Thats why we have to be resilient to change, be flexible and adaptable to the constant waves of change and movement.

Nothing in this world is ever meant to stay the same, it's always moving, changing and evolving, just like we are, every since day, if we like it or not. it's the natural flow and order of life.

It's okay to feel out of sorts, to feel anxious and apprehensive about the here and now and the future. This is completely natural and completely normal. If you didn't feel these things then I would be worried that you may not be completely normal!

Feeling these things are not bad, it's all normal and natural to feel this way and many other different emotions and feelings.

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without"

The important thing to remember is that we are all able to cope with whatever comes our way, we just don't yet release it, but we will once we have been through it. You can get through all the tough times and the good times just as well. You just need to have faith and trust in yourself and the process of life and all that unfolds and is there for us.

We are all growing and evolving and there isn't anything in this world that isn't impossible for us, it may be challenging and we may have to do some things differently than what we have done before, but this is all about learning and developing and growth, our own human potential and personal growth and development that helps us through life.

Trust that life will support you and move you forward to where you are meant to be. This may not always be where you want to be, but where the universe and the collective wants you to be instead. All of which will bring about all that it is that you deep down dream about, but you do need to have faith and trust in the wings of change and moving forward, wherever it may take you.

Deep breathing and remaining in a calm, ventured relaxed state throughout every situation or event in your life, will prove imperative when feeling grounded in the present moment.

When we truly surrender to the natural flow of life and change, we let go, release the strain and control of life, we feel more relaxed, free and able to move forward, instead of feeling stuck, trapped and frustrated and tired of trying to control and change things.

In all my therapies be it massage, meditation, facials etc... I always allow my clients to fully relax, to completely let go, to let go of their muscles, bones, ligaments, body, mind and thoughts and to just go with whatever comes up during the session. Which is always a deep sense of relaxation and sleep and rest on a much deeper level, that some of my clients often haven't experienced in a long time, if it's there 1st session with me.

No rushing, no pushing, no intense actions - slow, steady, relaxed, peaceful - letting things go and leaving it to that. Just being where you are now in the present, being happy, content,

So I highly recommend that you allow the times to move and flow, to go with the flow and to have faith and trust in the universe and trust and faith that all will work out for the best, whatever happens. It always does in my experience... Why not try yourself...and let me know how you get on, by just letting go of the reins every now and then...

Best Wishes to you.



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