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The Art Of Taking Things Slow And Taking Time Out For Yourself

“Relax, renew, refresh.”


It's that time of year again... Christmas!

Christmas comes but once a year and for most of us it can bring a heap of additional stress!

With many of us living life in the fast lane, it's hard to find ways to unwind, relax and just generally slow down. Stress can build up and grow if not tackled and can often result in us feeling overwhelmed, stressed, tense and in pain.

Taking time out for yourself is one of the most important things you should do in life, especially during busy times such as Christmas! Yet many of us are trying to juggle everything else and won't have any 'me time'.

Are you feeling Frazzled. Burnt out. Exhausted?

You have been so busy taking care of everything, now it is time to stop and to take time out and to take care of yourself...

Sometimes when the stress hits, you don’t feel like you have the time to do much of anything for yourself or to take some time out.

With mounting deadlines, responsibilities, and a continuously chaotic news cycle, it might feel like taking things slow and taking time out won’t even begin to soothe the burnout some of us are feeling. But sometimes, supporting someone you love, be that a teenager or partner (including yourself) through a stressful time comes in the form of a sweet, thoughtful gift of a relaxing treatment as a reminder that they deserve to slow down.

Why it's Important To Take Some Time Out?

We are living in an age where we are all busy, there is always something to do and it seems like we are always doing something.

Research shows that only 5% of brits are actually taking a pause during their day, so the effect of physical and mental health is huge compared to 20 years ago. We are busier than ever as a result of the constant stimulating, and switched on world that we are living in, and it can be difficult to escape. Plus the impact of devises and screen time that we are using, that is having an impact on our brain and the multitasking, that can all have a massive impact on our health.

54% of brits experience health problems due to multitasking. This 'Always-on' culture has evolved the waking day into 17.5 hours.

We know that stress, anxiety and depression are due to overwork and not taking time out to pause and rest during the day. But it can have other effects on your health, such as your diabeties risk and cardiovascular risks. Research is showing that 90% of Brits are suffering from some degree of burnout.

  • How much time are you spending on you?

  • Are you taking a break from all the noise and distractions?

  • Are you giving a chance to give your brain the rest it needs?

Just like any muscle in your body, your brain begins to tire and fatigue just as easily over time. By just taking time out to relax, you will rejuvenate your mind and be able to think more clearly and effectively. This helps to improve your concentration and allows you to focus on what is most important to you, by getting a clear understanding of your priorities you will become more productive in tackling them.

Allowing yourself to relax and unwind is vital to keeping yourself and your mental health and physical health intact.

So often our mind is caught up worrying – or chewing over things that can create stress, anxiety and can even affect our physical health.

There are significant changes that we can make that are small steps you can take and taking that time out is vital, especially this time of year.

Follow our simple ways to unwind, relax and just take time out for yourself.

“Taking time to do nothing often brings everything into perspective.”

Doe Zantamata

  • Paying attention to the small things - such as sensing the air around you, feeling the ground beneath your feet, or noticing your breath as you move, can interrupt the ‘autopilot’, give a fresh perspective on life and slow our usual thought patterns. You can be mindful during activity and at rest, and it’s even more effective if done outdoors, as nature has an additional calming effect on the brain.

  • Taking time out in your day to eat healthy, ensuring that you have a breakfast and lunch and taking that time to do so. As well as exercise, which is vitally important for your physical, such as weight management and prevention of Diabetes and heart diseases as well as your mental health.

“Taking time out each day to relax and renew is essential to living well.”

Judith Hanson Lasater

  • It is well known that having a relaxing massage or any relaxing type of treatment results in physiological changes in the body and the mind. Such as a reduction in the production of the stress hormone cortisol and an increase in the product of serotonin and positive endorphins produced in the brain.

A relaxing massage or treatment on a comfortable massage bed in a professional and relaxing setting, will also lower blood pressure and slow the rate of breathing which calms the mind and helps the brain to move in to restorative alpha brain waves from the busy beta waves that we usually operate at when occupied with tasks.

As well as these changes a relaxing treatment will warm and relax the body, boost the circulation and help you to feel better about everything – an important part of boosting the immune system.

A regular relaxing treatment can keep stress at bay and helps to recharge your batteries again – so what are you waiting for?


  • Reduces the production of stress hormones

  • Increases the production of feel good hormones and endorphins

  • Boosts happiness

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Slows the rate of breathing encouraging the brain to move to restorative alpha waves

  • Creates a feeling of calm and peace

  • Promotes a better quality of sleep.

  • Relieves stress and stress-related conditions.

Taking an afternoon off to enjoy a relaxing treatment, whatever that may be, or for whatever amount of time that may be, it might only be a 30 minute treatment or an hours treatment or something a bit longer. Which could be all that is needed to help you to relax and unwind and feel more restored within yourself.

Booking some well deserved free time for you to have something where someone else is looking after you or pampering you, is a truly relaxing experience and can benefit you in so many ways.

This is why I recommend all my clients and new clients (I haven't met yet) to take some time out, book it out off your day and come have a treatment, any treatment, they are all relaxing and to lay back, relax, breath and let go of any tension, mental thoughts and to just go with the flow. Knowing that you are in complete professional and experienced safe hands to help you to reach a deeper state of relaxation that you haven't experienced in quiet some time... The more to relax and let go and allow your therapist to take over, the better your relaxation results will be.

But remember that it's really important to be able to repeat this as often as you can. I know that not everyone can afford to have a massage or relaxing treatment once a week or once a fortnight.

But there are also ways that you can save, paying for a course of 6-12 relaxing treatments, whatever the duration of the treatments are, can save you money in the long term. Often you only pay for 5 out of the 6 sessions, or 10 out of the 12 sessions.

It's really worth investing in YOU and your time out, which as we know now is more vital than its ever been in this modern world...

“Rest and your energy will be restored.”

Lailah Gifty Akita

As it's only days until Christmas and if you would like to take some well deserved time away from everything and to BOOK IN for a relaxing treatment? It can be anything, from a relaxing facial, massage, hopi ear candling, meditation session, a yoga stretch class or a sound healing session!

It can be whatever you would like it to be. But BOOK IT IN FIRST and come along and give yourself permission to let go, be free and to take some time out for you to be looked after and pampered, more than once ideally...

Relaxation is an investment in yourself rather than a waste of time. Take time out for yourself to meditate, daydream, switch off and give yourself a break to be able to relax and let go for a while. Giving yourself permission to relax is really powerful and can really help your mind to rest, relax and let go of the constant go, go, go... You will be way more useful to yourself and others when you do this more often for yourself.

I have availability from Tuesday 20th December till Friday 23rd December from 10am till 8pm and after Christmas before the new year I have Thursday 29th and Friday 30th December available if you would like to book something in? I would be happy to help and to give you the space to relax and take some well deserved time off for yourself.

Please contact me at the usual place at or message me on my mobile on 07599884213

I look forward to helping you to feel more relaxed, rested and restored...

“The time to relax is when you have no time for it”

Sydney J. Harris

If I don't see you before Christmas. I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!

Best wishes to you all...

Much Love


🙏 x


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