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Super Powers Of Crystals - What Are Crystals? And What Are They Good For?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

What are crystals?

Crystals are fossilised minerals and are millions of years old. They were forged during the earliest part of the earth’s formation. These minerals are formed from three-dimensional repeating patterns of atoms.

A crystal's appearance depends upon the natural characteristics of its type and the conditions in which it grows. Some take on strange shapes, some are very small and others grow very large, developing over thousands of years.

Crystals have been used for centuries dating back over 5,000 years in Chinese texts on traditional medicine, Ayurvedic texts in India, in the Bible, which has over 200 references to cystals and their powers and associations, as well as in the Egyptian times to help treat the body holistically for different ailments and creating profound relaxation, expansion and connection.

Crystals work through the human energy system, such as your Chakras (energy centres in and around your body). As well as your Aura.

They can effect healing within the physical body, it can also help to harmonise and balance your chakras (energy centres in and around your body).

They act as powerful form of healing, as they allow positive, fruitful energy to flow into the body and do away with the negative, toxic energy. Crystal work by channelising your energy levels, where they focus on healing your body from the inside.

People have been attracted to crystals since the dawn of time for burial rites, divination practices, healing rituals, spiritual advancement, and even simply as decoration to connote power. Our ancestors intuitively knew that when worn, the energies of the stones would interact with the human electromagnetic field to bring about energetic changes.

What gives individual stones their characteristics?

Different stones have different energetic properties and powers. For example, a Tigers Eye can aid those seeking clarity, while Lapis Lazuli is said to expand our awareness and help us attune to our intuition. Rose Quartz is calming and sometimes referred to as the stone of gentle love.

Different crystals have different energies and properties, and between them can affect mental, physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of ourselves.

The right crystal can affect the energy of an environment, and the energy it holds can influence you whether you simply hold it in your hand or place it by your bed or on the mantelpiece.

Each Crystals has a particular vibration and frequency, which arise from their molecular composition. They each vibrate at different frequencies like we do and can help with our own energy vibrations. Crystals are made up of the same molecules as we are and vibrate at the same frequency. Using Crystals on ourselves can help to harmonise and realign our subtle energy vibration, bringing it back into harmony and equilibrium. They can also help in uplifting our mood, mind, and health, often in the same way that essential oils and aromatherapy work. Check out the many benefits from my Aromatherapy and Essential oil blog post here...

By using certain Crystals we can calm down or energise our body as needed. Crystals heal holistically as they work on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of our being.

They have the ability to communicate with the energy flow of the human body and helps to realign the energy channels that are interrupting the natural flow of the bodies energy and help it to heal.

Since they are natural, they harness the energies of the earth, sun, moon, and the oceans (all natural healing energies and elements)

Each Crystal are said to help specific concerns such as anxiety, depression and insomnia or physical ailments such as digestive or hormonal problems.


Crystals absorb, direct and diffuse our energy fields. They have a stable and unchanging energy pattern, each with a unique frequency and energy field that give them each special properties that help bring harmony to the very unstable energy field of the human body.

The more that you understand crystals, the more effective they are. Dedicating and programming them, helps them to work more efficiently. As crystals are powerful beings, they need to be approached with respect.

Benefits of Using Crystals:

  • Can help with mental clarity and wellbeing

  • Restores your energy field

  • Increases feelings of tranquility, peace, positivity and focus

  • Increases immunity

  • Relieves pain and tension and headaches

  • Refief from stress

  • Helps to protect against unwanted negative energies

  • Heightened sense of calm

  • Emotional clarity

  • Can help manifest ones intentions, helping to attract abundance and aiding manifestation

  • Transforms negative energies into positive energy

  • Enhances meditative powers and a reconnection with the spiritual realms

  • Helps treat physical ailments

  • Treats emotional issues

  • Cleanses and energises the body, mind and spirit

  • Helps heal grief, trauma or a broken heart.

  • Improves and promotes self-love and self-esteem

  • Helps to attract love

  • Rejuvinates the whole being - body, mind and spirit

  • Stimulates the mind, enhancing creativity and the development of new ideas

  • The gift of energy and vitality

  • Increases intuition and connection to spirituality

  • Quietens the mind

  • Promotes balance and stability to your body and your life

  • Deeply grounding

  • Aids Spiritual development

  • And so much more...

Its no suprise with all these benefits that ancient civilisations held crystals in such high esteem.

Different types of healing crystals

Crystals come in all shapes and sizes, and come in several forms and colours. Some are polished or in their raw state, but are both as effective as the other. Crystals can be used for healing or environmental enhancement and as personal adornment. Each one brings out particular qualities, and can open the gateway of spiritual understanding and increasing your intuition. Here are some of the most popular crystals that you can find in crystal and new age shops near you.

Clear quartz

This white crystal is considered a “master healer.” It is the most powerful and energy amplifier on the planet. It’s said to amplify energy by absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating it. As well as being an excellent unblocker of energy also. It’s also said to aid concentration and memory. Physically, clear crystals are claimed to help stimulate the immune system and balance out your entire body. This stone is often paired with others like rose quartz to aid and enhance their abilities. This crystal works at a vibrational level which is attuned to the specific energy requirements of the person needing healing, it acts as a deep soul cleanser and works on all levels of your being. It stabalises, focus and amplifies vital life-force energy, which heightens natural healing and healing potential which helps to stimulate personal growth and spiritual development. It enhances psychic ability, attunes you to your spiritual purpose, harmonises all of the chakras, meridians, cleanses the aura of stagnant energy and brings the body back into balance. It helps you to feel better and it can improve your quality of life, which makes you feel happier and re-energises you in all situations.


This purple stone is said to be an incredibly powerful, protective, healing, calming, cleansing, balancing, stimulating, purifying and has a high spiritual vibration. It’s claimed it can help rid the mind of negative thoughts and bring forth humility, sincerity, inspiration, positive thinking, patience, spiritual wisdom and Self knowledge. It’s also said to help promote sobriety. Sleep is another claimed benefit of this stone, from supposedly aiding in insomnia relief, to understanding dreams. Physically, it’s said to boost hormone production, cleanse blood, boost the metabolism, the immune system and can help to relieve tension, pain and stress. Mentally it helps you to feel less scatters, more focused and in control, helping with new ideas, spiritual insight and psychic abilities. Helps to improve memory and motivation and helps to dispel of any anger, fear, rage, grief, sadness or any anxiety and tension. This stone helps in promoting love, patience and helps to cleanse your aura and removes negative energy. It can also help with decision making, moving forward in life, coping with responsibility and change. This stone is best used for the third eye or crown chakra, but can also be worn on a necklace over your throat or heart. I highly recommend this crystal if you have headaches and are lacking in mental clarity and unable to see things clearly. It's a favourite stone for meditation, as it aids tranquility and contentment, because it encourages the holder to calm their mind and fall into a deep, meditative state in which they can discover their inner wisdom and knowledge.

It is also a protective stone, when worn it can protect against psychic attacks and to protect the wearer from harm.


This beautiful blue or green crystal is a multi purpose effective healer for the body, as well as being good for emotional balance. It can provide solace for the spirit and well-being for the body. It promotes spiritual attunement and enhances communication. Placed on the throat chakra, it releases old vows, suppressed self-expression back down the ancestral lines until the source is cleared, any inhibitions and allows the soul to express itself once more. It helps to dispel negative energy, it helps you to remain true to yourself and to stand up for your beliefs that you have. It enhances idealism, strengthens honesty and boosts communication skills. It encourages self-expression and promotes self-realisation and calms the nerves when speaking in public. It strengthens courage, wisdom, creative expression anallows us to express our inner truth and inspires confidence. Used on the throat chakra it can also help to treat disorders of the throat, thyroid, neck, vocal cords, chest and lungs and is excellent for dispelling repressed anger and provide clarity in verbal communication.

Rose quartz

Just as the color may suggest, this pink stone is all about love, especially unconditional love and infinite peace. It’s said to help restore trust and harmony in all different kinds of relationships while improving their close connections. It’s also claimed to help provide comfort and calm during times of grief. It is the most important crystal for the heart and the heart chakra. It can help to strength the physical heart and the circulation and releases impurities from the body. It purifies and opens the heart at all levels and brings deeper inner healing and self -love, empathy and increases positive inner guidance. It is also calming, reassuring and excellent for healing emotions from trauma and crisis. Rose quartz gently draws off negative energy and replaces it with loving vibes and strengthens empathy and aids in acceptance of necessary change that is needed. It can also releases stress, tension, fear, guilt, feelings of emotional wounding and helps to stimulate healing. It also helps to protect from the outside world that many impressionable souls find overwelming these days. It also magnifies creativity and imagination, great for writing, art, and music. It can help to treat fertility and menstrual problems, adrenal glands, circulation, balances sex drive and helps sexual frustration.

Rose quartz is said to also encourage love, acceptance, respect, trust, and worth within one’s self — something we could all use in this day and age.


This is a powerful stone, which amplifies both positive and negative energies. It's an important protection stone, absorbing negative energies and pollutants from the atmosphere and the body. It activates the chakras, it brings balance and harmony and can open the heart chakra to unconditional love. It draws out deep feelings and breaks unwanted ties and outworn patterns and teaches us how to take responsibility for our actions, thoughts and our feelings. It develops empathy, supports friendships, good for physical and emotional balance, encourages restful sleep. Great for meditation and can really help with depression, helping to release negative experiences, past hurts and old trauma, as well as helping to draw out deep feelings and to break unwanted ties and outworn patterns. It heals them and replaces it with peace and tranquitity. It goes to the core of the problem as well as enhancing intuition and insight. It also soothes and strengthens the nervous and immune system, bringing rejuvination and regeneration to the body. It is also a stone of transformation and enables us to move on and realise our goals and dreams.

Tiger’s eye

If you’re in need of a power or a motivation boost, this golden stone may be for you. This is a feel better and a go for it stone. It combines the earth energy with the energy of the sun, which creates a higher vibrational state. It’s said to help rid your mind and body of fear, anxiety, self-doubt and tension. This can be beneficial for career aspirations or even matters of the heart. It can help to instil courage and grounds and creates manifestation of what you wish for. It can also bring in wealth and prosperity, abundance and good luck. Tiger’s eye is also said to help guide you to harmony and balance to help you make clear, conscious, intuitive decisions. Its great for new beginnings, distant healing, especially through meditation. Helps with intuition, gut feelings. It can help to heal issues regarding self-worth, self-criticism, and any blocked creativity. It helps you to develop your talents and abilities and allows for changes and to overcome issues and problems you may be facing. It can also help to protect us and fill us with purpose and self-confience. Tiger's eye also helps to balance your yin-yang energies, and helps to balance right and left brain, creating balance and helps to balance your emotions and lifts your mood. It also helps us to see our goals more cleraly and to make the right decisions. Physically it can help to balance your throat and reproductive organs and dissolving emotional and mental blockages in those areas. Perfect for placing on the Sacral chakra or Solar plexus chakra to create balance and healing. It also helps to reat neck and throat disorders, eye problems, as well as strengthening the spinal column and relaesing toxins and alleviating pain. Its great for people who are spaced out and uncommited and ancors change into the physical body. And aiding in a person to recongnise their talents and abilities.


Is a powerful cleanser and regenerator and energiser, as it carries the power of the sun. It brings joy, wonder, and enthusiasm to every part of your life with citrine. Its warming, energising, it absorbs and grounds negative energy and extremely protective of the environment its in. It’s said to help you release negative emotional toxic traits from your life like fear, anger and in turn helps to encourage optimism, warmth, delight, enthusiasm, joy, intuition, confidence, motivation, humour, laughter and clarity. Its amazing at stimulating the brain and strengthening intellect , promoting new ideas, making you feel good, citrine is ideal for people who are drained and tired and who are in need of an energy boost. It’s also claimed to enhance mindfull qualities, like creativity and concentration. Citrine can energise every areas of your life and has the ability to cleanse your chakras and balance the subtle energies of your body by aligning them to your physical body. Its a perfect stone for the solar plexus chakra and the sacral chakra filling them with happiness and light. Helping with yin/yang balance. It can also help you to create abundance as its a money stone, that can help you to manifest and create wealth, prosperity and success in your life. It also raises self-esteem and self-confidence, enhancing your individuality and encourages your own self-expression in life. It can also help with relationships. It can also help you to overcome depression, fears, anger, phobias, as it creates inner calm and awakens the higher mind, the wise mind, helping you to become more emotionally balanced. It is also good for decision making, learning, teaching, studying, creativity, writing, problem solving and new beginnings.

It also helps to stimulate digestion, increases circulation, relieves constipation and can be helpful for menstruation problems or menopausal symptoms and helps to balance hormones and alleviate fatique. This crystal is great for individuals that are sensitive to environmental and outside influences. Its a feel good ston. I highly recommend to all of my clients to bring you a sense of upliftment and fulfilment from within.


This is the "feeling and stabalising stone" it grounds and anchors you in the present moment and reality. Its excellent for restoring energy, vitality and motivation. It protects and uplifts us. It also stimulates creativity, helping with study, memory, speech and dramitic pursuits. This stone has the ability to cleanse other stones. It gives courage, acceptance, makes us believe in ourselves, and stand up for ourselves, increases vitality, compassion, personal power, promotes positive life choices, helps to motivate you in business and other matters, boosts self-esteem, instills trust in yourself and your perceptions. Helps to overcome negative conditioning. It sharpens concentration, stimulates the brain and dispels mental lethargy, laziness, fear, clears the mind of confusion and helps with problem solving, calms anger, rage, envy, resentment and replaces it with love and love of life.

It has an influence over the female reproductive organs, increases fertility, helps to overcome frigidity and impotence. Beneficial fopr people who find it difficult to express their sensulaity. Helps to heal any lower back pain and depression. Helps to regulate bodily fluids and the kidneys, ensuring a good supply of blood to organs and tissues and increasing circulation, particularly where there is a lack of warmth.

This crystal is perfect for the sacral chakra, as well as the root chakra.

Red Jasper

This smooth crystal is known as the “supreme nurturer.” It’s said to empower the spirit and support you through times of stress by preparing you to fully “show up.” It brings tranquility and wholeness. It’s claimed to protect you from and absorb negative vibes while promoting courage, quick thinking, new ideas and confidence. It helps to balance and ground the root chakra, creating courage and willpower to achieve your goals and wishes. These are traits that are extra helpful when tackling important issues — which is exactly what this stone may be good for. It can also unify all aspects of your life, it aligns all the chakras and the aura. It also is great for clearing electromagnetic and environmental pollutants, including radiation. It supports the circulation, increases energy, digestion and balances mineral content in the body. It can also prevent illness, great for meditation, a very grounding stone. It also helps with anxiety, panic attacks and calms physical energy and aids in recovery. That is why this crystal is best for the root chakra to help to ground and balance the bodies energies.

Black Obsidian

Is molten lava that cooled so quickly that it had no time to crystallize. It is an intensely protective and grounding stone, Obsidian is said to help form a shield of protection against physical and emotional negativity. It also dispels unloving thoughts and supports you during change.

A stone without boundaries and limitations, it works extremely fast and with great power. It can help to soak up environmental pollutants and removes negative energies and mops them up. It provides deep soul level healing, it can help with past life emotions and trauma that has been carried forward into the present. Its also said to help get rid of emotional and subconcious blockages, it helps to get to the very core of issues and promote qualities of strength, clarity, self-control, compassion and insight to help find your true sense of self, allowing you to know who you truly are and helps you to clear what is behind mental distress or dis-ease. It also releases us from our dark shadow side and brings us peace and light where there was once darkness. It acts as a mirror for the soul and allows us to take a hard look at ourselves, and then smile. It offers us wisdom, insight and is great for learning new things or what we already know. It is also good for creativity and intuition. It also helps to provide grounding and helps to ground the root chakra to the centre of the earth. This anchors the spirit also into the body, making us feel stable and balanced. For your physical body, it may aid in digestion and detoxification while potentially helping to reduce pain, muscular aches, spasms and cramps. It also improves circulation and it can help the body to get over and recover from any shock or trauma that comes from an injury or accident.

There are many of books available contain lists of crystals and what each one means. These meanings are simply interpretations of the energy each crystal carries.

How do I choose a crystal?

There is no rules to abide to when selecting crystals, they may be large, small, uncut, polished, clear or coloured. You do not need to know the exact properties of every stone in order to buy one, although this may help. It is more important to be receptive and allow yourself to be drawn to a stone that will have meaning for you. If you are in a shop simply stand in front of a group of crystals, close your eyes and relax, and when you open them choose the one you feel most drawn to.

The cystrals you are attracted to may reflect qualities and values you want to bring into your life.

When choosing a crystal from an internet site it is not possible to touch the crystal, so you need to take your intuition one stage further. Browse through the pictures of the various crystals and note which section most appeals to you. Spend some time browsing through that section. You may find yourself excited by the picture of a particular crystal, with a powerful urge to touch and feel it and a sense of frustration that you cannot. If you feel that you very much want that crystal to be a part of your life, it is likely that on some level it has something to offer you. For example, you may feel drawn to a rose quartz crystal because you need something in your life that can help you develop a love of yourself.

By following your instincts and trusting your intuition you begin the trust yourself and your gut instinct on what you feel drawn to. Just remember that whatever crystal that you choose, it will always help you, sometimes in strange and wonderful ways. And remember that gig or outwardly beautiful is not necessarily more powerful, small and rough crystals can also be extremly effective. So when your attracted to a crystal, dont worry about the why, just trust yourself. You may also not like a certain crystals, because they are touching something uncomfortable deep inside of you, that you thought you had locked away. When you work with crystal that you don't like, they can help buried issues to resurface, helping to release trapped emotions. This can be really healing and even transformational.

If a crystal is meant for you, you will feel an immediate attraction to it. Finding your crystals should be a magical and joyous experience.

If you would like to learn more about crystals and how to cleanse and charge them regularly, contact me here at to join my online Crystal Healing Course and to become apart of the crystal healing community that we have so far, of like minded souls.

Or if you would like to experience a crystal healing session with myself, please click the link to find out more about my crystal-therapy sessions. And where you can purchase crystals for yourself from my healing therapy room in Henley-on-Thames.

Keep well...

Best Wishes



From Pure Bliss Holistic Therapies in Henley-on-Thames

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