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Keep It Clean and Simple Skincare

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Simple skincare and knowing your skin type and what to do and not do to your skin to keep it in optimum health and resilience. This step is a vital part of getting your skincare in the bag and getting the results you want. Knowing your skin type is the 1st step and then knowing what to use is the next. Without knowing your skin type you can't have a good skincare regime that works.

Take the "Skin Type Quiz" which is on my 10 years younger online bootcamp program to determine your skin type.

Then and only then can we put together a great skincare program for your skin type to achieve your goals for your skin and to get it looking amazing.

Taking care of your skin is very important and will play an important roll in keeping the years off and leaving you with healthy more youthful skin.

Make sure you are using great skincare products I will be addressing this in more detail in my next section, but for now lets look at the basic method of taking care of your skin daily.

While your actual skin type is determined by your genes as well as diet, stress levels, medication, lifestyle, even your skincare regime and the products you choose. There is plenty you can do daily to ensure it always looks its best.

You can’t neglect your complexion and skin for months or even years, then make-up for it with expensive and intensive products and treatments in a short space of time and in the short term.

Regularly spending time taking care of your skin is a great investment in the health and wellbeing of your skin and its health. Its never too early or too late to follow a good skincare regime and the results will last a lifetime.

Skincare is all about making sure your skin is in good shape and condition, clear, soft and supple and keeping it that way through good habits, sensible cleansing and using the right skincare products which I will be sharing with you next week.

Our Skin

The skin holds no secrets. If the eyes are the windows of the soul then the skin is the body’s lie detector. Our skin reveals the quality of our lives and reflects the passage of time through sun damage, gravity and genetically determined signs of aging. Yet most of us don’t treat the skin with the respect and gentle care that such a responsive organ deserves.

The great news is as soon as you begin to take care of it, keep it clean, nourish it, protect it and pamper it, it will respond with gratitude.

Cleansing, toning and moisturizing everyday!

I still get many clients and people I have met over the years that still use soap and water to wash their face and hardly ever moisture. And they wonder why there skin is so dry and dehydrated and suffering from premature wrinkles. We all know it, but so many don’t follow the 3-step code. Cleanse, tone, moisturise skin care rule. How will you look 10 years younger, when you haven’t got this in the bag and doing it religiously?

It’s really important to clean the skin daily am and pm to remove the nights sleep and dead skin as well as the days dirt and grime and make-up left on during the day. Imagine how horrible it is to have a dirty face from being out and about all day, sweating at the gym, dirt and grime from pollution of traffic fumes and bacteria that is feeding off your skin and then jumping straight in to bed and letting it lay and fester on your skin overnight while you sleep. (Grouse!)

As soon as you cleanse or wash with a great and effective cleanser or face wash, your skin feels so much softer, smoother and cleaner, like it can breath again. Make sure you take it all off before bed as wearing any make-up can clog and suffocate the skin, leaving it looking older, duller and dryer.

So always make sure make-up is removed every evening before you head to bed, including that mascara. It only takes 3 minutes. I use coconut oil to remove my eye make up and it comes off so easily in less than 2 minutes all gone. (more on this in a moment) Plus its great for my lashes as it conditions them and keeps them soft and healthy, instead of using strong chemical eye make-up removers that just make your eyes sore, dry and sensitive.

A lot of people also miss out toning, but I would recommend it as it removes the rest of your cleansing product as well as leaving the skin feeling extra clean and fresh. It can also help to minimise pores preventing any bacteria or moisturizer getting stuck in your pores.

So please do tone the skin, ideally with a alcohol free toner as a lot of toners on the market are extremely strong due to the fact that they us alcohol in there products, please avoid as this will only strip your natural ph. of your skin and the natural oils that are meant to be there, called the acid mantle. Very important to keep, as this will help to regulate skins temperature. By helping to keep it cool and protected and safe.

Key tips to remember about your skin and to keep it looking good:

  • Handle with care. Anyone can have great skin if they treat it as gently as possible, care for it consistently, keep it clean and pat the skin, don’t rub it or be harsh with it.

  • The T-zone has more oil glands on the nose, chin and forehead than anywhere else. Most women have oily T-zone areas, which are your nose, chin and forehead.

  • Do you get breakouts on one side of your face could mean that your phone is dirty.

  • Chin breakouts, stop touching it or resting it on your hands

  • Make-sure your pillow case is always clean

  • Keep your hands off your face.

  • Don’t smoke

  • Eat a healthy balanced diet of fresh fruit and lots of vegetables and more leafy greens

  • Drink plenty of clean filtered fresh water everyday

  • Get plenty of sleep and rest

  • Keep your posture when on a computer, ipad, phone or kindle. Keep you chin up and your neck back to prevent sagging necks and chins

  • Avoid stress as much as possible.

  • Get plenty of fresh clean healthy air daily.

  • Always remove all traces of make-up every night

  • Always use an SPF 30 everyday in daylight hours no matter what the weather is like, come rain or shine! It will prevent your skin from ageing and sagging!

What not to do to your face:

  • Don’t pick or extract blackheads or whiteheads yourself. If you get it wrong you can spread the contents deeper into the skin and oil glands and into the surrounding tissue, causing infection. You can also stretch the pores permanently. If you need blackheads extracted properly please see a professional skincare therapist.

  • Don’t use tweezers on anything except splinters or eyebrows but don’t go crazy on the eyebrows! Tweezers are a women’s worst enemy. If you pluck any facial hairs, they will grow courser, or curled in the wrong direction. So refrain yourself and find a good electrolysis to remove the hairs permanently.

  • Avoid exfoliating cleansers, as you don’t want to be exfoliating your skin everyday.

  • Don’t use harsh products

  • Don’t drag your skin when applying products or make-up also when removing make-up also, be extra gentle with your skin.

  • NEVER use soap on it – too drying and too harsh for all skin types.

  • Avoid dragging your skin around the eyes; the eyes need extra gentle care, as they are extra delicate as the skin is much thinner. When removing eye make-up be as gentle as you can and hold wet soft cotton pads over both eyes and leave them on the eyes for a few minutes with eye make-up remover on, so that the make-up remover can dissolve the make-up right off, so its less of a pain to get it off and will cause less irritation. Then just sweep off the cotton pads over the eye-lid and over the lashes and always cleanse gently down the lashes without dragging the lashes and skin around the eyes.

The rules of skin types are:

There are 7 main skin types – Oily, Dry, Combination, Sensitive, Mature, Normal/young and Dehydrated.

What skin type do I have? I hear you cry!

Well some of you may already know your skin type and others not so sure.

There’s no point spending a fortune on expensive skincare products if you buy the wrong ones for your skin type or end up having a mixture of bottles some used and some not in your bathroom cabinet for all different skin concerns.

The key to developing a good skincare regime that works for you is to analyses your skin type first.

Knowing your skin type can help you minimize irritation and cosmetics related acne.

Try my skin type quiz just email me and I will forward this on to you. Or book in for one of my one-to-one Skin type consultation sessions to have a complete skin assessment and advice if needed.

Most women (about 70 percent) have combination skin.

Well most skins fall into combination and dry skins, mainly due to the weather, which plays a big part in our skins type. But you can usually tell by how the skin regularly feels, it can sometimes feel more oily on the t-zone (meaning forehead, nose and chin) and dryer on the cheeks and neck.

Or dry all over, with the feeling of tightness and flaky patches. Or sensitive, this is usually from dry skin and has become irritated by products, severe weather conditions, hormonal imbalances, medication and stress that can make the skin a bit more sensitive to whatever is put on, especially perfumed products.

Oily skin will be oily all over, T–zone and cheeks as well and will constantly need blotting with blotting paper to take away the shine.

Normal skin is very rare unless if you are very young. It tends to be soft, smooth, finely textured, supple and balanced both in oil and moisture content.

I don’t normally see many normal skin types as our skin is constantly changing, so each season you will find your skin more oilier in the summer and much dryer in the winter months, so its always best to have 2 skincare type ranges that you can alternate through the seasons inbetween.

To book a one-to-one Skin Type consultation with me please email me at to book your 20 min session for £15 which is redeemed against any facial treatment that you choose to book at any point in the future. Learn more about your skin and set yourself up for better and healthier looking skin.

If you liked this blog post please give us a thumbs up and I would love to hear about your skin experiences and concerns on the message area.

To your happiness and Bliss

Much love

Kelly Singh


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