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Health and Well being Benefits of Hopi Ear Candling Therapy

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Hopi Ear Candling is a natural and ancient well being therapy for the ears, that have been handed down to us by the Native Americans.

It's a well being ritual for the body, mind, soul and spirit.

Allowing the body and mind to feel balanced and in harmony again.

It's also known as "Thermo Auricular Therapy" this therapeutic non-invasive treatment for the ears uses a pair of specialised candles made of cotton or linen coated in 100% pure beeswax, herbs, aroma oils and honey. It can help with many conditions and problems associated with ears, nose and throat. It's also a natural alternative to ear syringing.

Hopi Ear Candling Can Help With:

  • Irritations in the ear

  • Rhinitis and Sinusitis

  • Glue ear or compacted ear wax

  • Easing Tinnitus and Vertigo

  • Sore throats, Hay fever and other allergies

  • Headaches and Migraines

  • Catarrh and Asthma

  • TMJ pain and stiffness

  • Relaxing muscle tension

  • Calming the Ear Canal

  • Relaxing and calming - Stress and Anxiety relieving

  • Improving sleep

  • Detoxifying the head area

  • Helps with Snoring

  • Boosting the Immune System and helps treat cols and flu

  • Regulating ear pressure and relieving ear pressure

  • Helping to clear the nasal passage

  • Relieving Swimmers ear

  • Improving taste, smell and hearing

  • Relieving travel sickness and cabin pressure when flying

  • Stimulation of blood, lymph and energy flow throughout the body

  • Reversing the aging process

  • Allowing you to feel more balanced and helps to improve mental clarity

  • And soooo much more...

Restore Harmony and Balance to The Mind, Body and Soul in a world of Complete Abandoned Bliss

How Does It Work?

When lit, the ear candle generates a gentle heat, which produces a light suction action. Which works by drawing impurities gently to the surface, where they can be removed. Most deposits evaporate and are carried away through the candle. None of the candle residue actually goes into the ear.

What are the Benefits of Having a Hopi Ear Candling Treatment?

Clients and users of Hopi Ear Candles have reported success in treating balance and inner ear problems, build up of wax, ringing in the ears, hearing difficulties and sinus problems as well as with colds, flu, sore throats, stress, headaches and migraines.

Many clients find the treatment deeply relaxing, as well as the relieved feeling that comes from reduced pressure in the ears and sinuses, as well as a calming effect.

It is also extremely beneficial for healing and energising the Kidneys and allowing them to work effectively in keeping you healthy and well.

Hopi Ear Candling Is Not Suitable For:

This therapy isn't suitable for people who have had recent ear surgery, ear infections or inflammation or those with ear grommets or tubes, perforated ear drums, or allergies to any products in the candle.

Providing that you have none of these existing conditions above. Hopi Ear Candling will be a perfectly safe treatment for you to have.

The number of Hopi treatments that you may need to cure a problem depends on a number of factors such as age, the condition you have and the length of time you have had the condition for.

Book a consultation with Kelly to find out more and to discuss a course of action that would suit you and your budget. Courses are available for best results and saving money in the long term. Contact Kelly to find out more and get 10% off until the end of 30th December 2018.

Across the world, there is an increased desire for slowing down, for relaxation and for natural well being.

Hopi Ear Candling can assist with your well being and relaxation needs.

If you would like to experience a Hopi Ear Candling Treatment?

Please call Kelly on 07599 884213 or email Kelly at and get 10% off until December 30th 2018

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