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Kelly's Top Tips For Relaxing and unwinding from Stress and Anxiety

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

My Top Tips for Relaxing more

September is here and it's the end of the summer holidays. Back to school for some, work and the usual routine of life and schedules is here again.

For some this can bring on a lot of stress, frustration, anxiety of being back in the thick of it all again. But it doesn't have to be hard and frustrating and filled with stress and anxiety, it can be managed by taking some valued time out for yourself with some of my Pure Bliss tips and advice to help you to manage your life better, stress better and anxiety levels kept to a minimum during this time of year.

September is a fantastic month for re-connecting to yourself, you've probably had a busy summer looking after and entertaining others. Now it's your turn to re-connect with yourself, your needs, your wishes and some rejuvenating and healing along the way as well defiantly doesn't hurt.

So why not take note and pick one or all of my Top tips below to bring some bliss into your life and to re-charge and re-fresh from the inside out...

Let's start...

My Top 5 Relaxing Therapies I would recommend for this September - Onwards:

1. Massage ( Full Body or Half Body) Which ever you prefer, Aromatherapy, Swedish, Thai, Kati Basti. - Massage is amazing at helping the body to relax, let go and release anything the body doesn't no longer need. Its a perfect way to release stress, tension, aches and pains and to strengthen muscles and ligaments as well as increasing circulation, lymphatic system and cell regeneration in the whole body. No wonder massage is always on the top of everyone's to have list.

2. Reiki - Reiki is a wonderful and incredible hands on healing therapy for balancing your bodies subtle energies within and around the body. It is safe and hugely effective for stress, anxiety and helping the body to heal naturally. It stimulates the whole body like a massage but on a much deeper level, helping to balance mind, body and spirit naturally. Each session is effective at restoring your true inner bliss and I highly recommend it to everybody as its an amazing therapy that not only heals diseases, stress and anxiety but helps to prevent them also with regular sessions.

3. Hopi Ear Candling - This is one of my absolute favourite treatments I love having, I love this treatment and love having it regularly as its deeply relaxing and fantastic at helping to combat stress and improving hearing, which is always great. It is so supper relaxing and I would recommend it to everyone to at least try it, your be amazed at how effective it can be and relaxing.

4. Indian Head Massage - This is my 4th choice in my top 5 most relaxing therapy. It's an effective head, neck and shoulder massage that helps to release tension, aches and pains in the head, neck and shoulders where most people hold tension and aches and pains. Its a very invigorating massage of the upper body, but very relaxing and balancing. Its great for focus and clearing the mind. Perfect for busy minds and this time of year.

5. Last but not least - "Facials" - (30mins or an hour or longer) - Any kind, relaxing, Reflexology Facial especially... - Facials are amazing for relaxing the whole body, not just the face and I highly recommend them to everybody. They are luxurious, pampering and beautifying for the face. They are great for maintaining the skin, cleansing and clearing the skin as well as releasing tight muscles around the face, neck and shoulders in my facial massages, but in a Reflexology facials, they can help improve your whole body wellbeing and general health of your organs and body in general by just gently pressing on certain areas of the face to relieve tension, blocked energy, clear digestive and hormonal issues as well as leaving your skin glowing and super soft and smooth and totally relaxed!

The Top 5 YOU must be doing or having NOW!

These are my Top 5 must have therapies you must be doing now to help you live a more balanced, happier and healthier life to combat the stress and anxiety this Sept and beyond!

1. Meditation - On the Top of my list, the most important one of all, that everybody should and must be doing now in this day and age.

Meditation is a must! And if you have tried it with little success, have someone show you who has experience to show you how to do it. It's super easy and when you do it regularly like every day, just 5 or 10 mins in the morning and same again in the evening you will see how simple and easy it is and how amazingly effective it is at making you aware of your own being and everything around you. It helps you to re-connect with yourself and gives you the peace and healing your body needs and what we are all searching for. Its all within.

If you would like to find this peace within for yourself, why not book a personal one-to-one Mediation session with myself I have had over 14 years of Meditation experience and I'm qualified to teach it to others, so why wait and start today on your relaxation and peaceful mind and body.

Just Quote: PEACE4ME and we can get you scheduled in.

Otherwise come and Join me with my wonderful Meditation group every Tuesday evening from 7.30pm till 8.30pm for our group meditation. Just call or email me to book as spaces can sometimes be limited each week.

2. Yoga - The second most important thing you should be doing. Yoga is meditation in motion, in movement and is all about the breath and the flow of movement. It's not meant to be too much about the postures, even though they are there as I do Hatha Yoga which are the postures of Yoga. Yoga is fun,

fulfilling, toning, energising, strengthening, lengthening and correcting body discomforts and energy blockages through negative thinking or beliefs. Yoga can help to release these, helping with stress, anxiety, sleep problems and soon much more... Yoga is wonderful and I have been a qualified teacher for over 9 years now but have been doing yoga for over 20 years and I just love it, its always been apart of my life and I love sharing it with others.

If you do Yoga or have never done Yoga before and would like to try it I provide one-to-one sessions of either an hour (which wiz's by) or an hour and 30mins which is highly recommended if its your first time doing Yoga. I'm offering 90min Yoga sessions for £35.00 until the end of October for a limited time and then it will go back to its original price of £50.00. So why not book your first 90min session today with me and you can either continue with the 90min sessions until the end of October or bring it down to an hour session afterwards.

To find out more, please either call, text or email me for more details and booking.

3. Stress Management Sessions - If you suffer with Stress and Anxiety then this really is vital for your own health and wellbeing and managing the ways you deal with stress. We all suffer from stress from now and then, its natural, but its not if its constant and if you stress at the slightest things. Stress affects our bodies hugely and can have saviour health issues and complaints due to stress.

If this is you, this is the time to combat it and to take back control of your emotions, feelings and life again and your health.

I'm a qualified Stress Management Therapist and I can help you with tools and techniques that can help you to deal with stress better and to cope with everyday stresses and strains so that you can manage your life and family life better.

Book a one-to-one session with me and get 10% off your first session with me until the end of October 2016. Just Quote: STRESS LESS. Call, text or email me today to start your stress free life journey today!

4. Facials - Yes they are back! As you read above that I love Facials and all the wonderful benefits a facial can give you, there really is no reason why you aren't having one already. Facials are great at keeping not only your face healthy and well, but your body also and all your wonderful organs. Facials can also give you a natural facelift as I forgot to mention and our back the clock by regenerating new skin cells and clearing away the old to reveal beautiful soft and smooth skin from within.

If you aren't already having facials then this is the time to have them especially after the summer holidays and all that sunshine. Brighten your skin, deep cleanse and reverse the suns damaging rays it has had on your skin and leave it silky smooth and younger looking in no time.

Book today to maintain and rejuvenate.

5. Last but not least! Massages - and any type of massage, especially relaxing ones, ones that you can let go, let go of tension, aches and pains, stress, frustration and surrender to my luxurious memory foam mattress and heated blankets and drift off to some beautiful places along the way. We all need massages and they shouldn't be when we are in agony or in pain or treated as a luxury, more as essential and necessary for a healthy body and mind.

So get booking your next massage either for yourself or your loved ones.

These are just some of my Tips and advice for living healthy and well and a life free from stress and anxiety and by just incorporating just one or two or all of these on a regular basis will help you.

Why not contact me to find out more or check out the rest of my website about the type of therapies and services I offer to help you on your path to bettering yourself. Visit to find out more...

Hope to see you soon!

Best Wishes as always

K x

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