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Day 10 - 30 Day Transformation

Hi All,

Hope you are well, and had an amazing day in nature yesterday? I know I did, except the weather soon changed to lovely sunshine to another cloudy day in the UK. Oh well, it is expected, it is winter.

Hope you had some lovely insights yesterday and some lovely fresh air, that helped to energise you.

Today I want you to spend the time on one thing that you are passionate about. The one thing that you love and love to do, or have always wished to do, but never had the chance. Spend today doing one thing that you are passionate about and integrate it into your day to day life as much as you can.

We all dream about following our bliss and doing what we truly want to do, which is deep within our hearts, but with all great dreams and wishes, life ends up taking over and we put our passions and dreams on the back burner and we say that we will do it tomorrow, the next day, weekend, next week, next month, next year. Then we look back and 5 - 10 years have just happened to rolled by.

When are we going to do it, not our jobs and chores but what we really want to be doing, our passions, like art, writing that book, learning a new language, studying a new subject that you have always been passionate and interested in about. Playing music, dancing, singing. Something that makes your heart sing and wants more...

We are all passionate about something, find out what yours is and do it. Starting from today.

Include it into your day, start doing it, getting things going and making it happen.

It's the same as any other goal or what you want to achieve.

All you have to do is decide on what you want to do (passionate in) and do it.

Thats it.

Don't over complicate it, have fun with it and enjoy it and keep doing it.

So let's start NOW Today!

I as always would love to hear how you get on today with your passion and how your day turned out.

Was it as you had expected it to be and what did you do?

To your onward success as always.

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Much love,


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