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Day 9 - 30 Day Transformation

Take a quiet walk with Mother Nature.

It will nurture your mind, body and soul.

Hi Beautiful,

Hope your week has already started with great focus and determination since I left you yesterday.

Hope you managed to keep you focus.

Today is a beautiful day, sun is shinning and it's another fresh start on a new day.

So let's begin with today's lesson.

As it's such a beautiful day it's a perfect time to get outside and enjoy this beautiful sunshine and to visit nature as much as you can, visit a local park, woods, field and take a good 30 min walk. Great for clearing the mind, connecting you with nature and mother earth and all her beauty, plus it gives you time to exercise, move your body and free your mind from cluttered thoughts or frustrating tasks.

Getting outside in the fresh air will help you to feel great, healthier and happier. Plus as I work a lot with Chakras in my work that I do on a day to day basis. Is that having that natural connection with nature and mother earth you help to unblock chakra's in the body, thus helping you to feel energised and revitalised.

If you don't know what Chakra's are. They are energy centres within our body, positioned along our spinal column and they rotate clockwise and anticlockwise radiating energy around our whole body inside and out. They make our experiences that are outside of us happen. If they are block by negative beliefs or thoughts or stagnant energy they cannot radiate there beautiful energy around our body and what we think and feel shows up in our everyday life. So if you keep getting the same negative experiences or people around you, then you have an energy block in your chakras that is causing it.

By releasing those negative beliefs and thoughts the chakras can continue to be open spreading beautiful healing and loving light all around you.

By being with nature this helps you to re-connect to who we all are - one with everything and energise our entire system.

So take the time out of your day to get outside, breath the fresh beautiful air that is around you, focus on everything that is around you, listen to the sounds and feel your feet within the earth and the healing energy that it gives us.

Just enjoy it and stay as long as you can.

It's also a great time to be with your thoughts and mind and what you want inside. Helps for you to become clear on what is and what isn't serving you either it be negative beliefs or experiences you are having and taking steps to correct them and make them better.

The awesome power of nature.

Do it today and keep focussing on your dreams and goals and keep going for them.

I would love to hear how you have been getting on, let us know in the comments below where you headed to in nature and what your experiences where like and how you felt afterwards, did it help you?

As always have an amazing day and to your success. See you tomorrow...

Live bold, Live inspired, Life fully.

Much love,


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