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Day 7 - 30 Day Transformation

Hi All,

Hope you are having an amazing Sunday and weekend so far?

What a beautiful Day it is today in Henley, lovely and sunny and a perfect day for reflection.

As all sunday's, they always tend to be much more queiter and more laid back than other days, they are a great way to spend time with family, friends or just by yourself.

And what a great day to practice todays lesson in Gratitude.

We have finished a whole week of transformation so far and you have already taken the steps forward in achieving your dreams, which is amazing, well done you!

Now it's time to celebrate your achievements you have accumplished in the past 6-7 days and to acknoledge how far you have already come.

One way of doing is it is through gratitude, looking about at your accumplishments over the week and saying thanks to yourself for steeping forward to making change as well as the people or things that have helped you through this week, with their help, actions or directions you have recieved.

Give thanks to everything and everything you already have, as well as the amazing journey that you are already on.

Giving thanks, and makes you aware of what you have achieved so far this week and it gives you meamentum to achieve so much more in the week that follows.

It's also a great way of re-checking your goals and dreams and where you are heading. You can also re-evaluate your goals, are they working, what needs to be tweeked or changed or scrapped altogether.

This exercise is fantastic at re-directing your thoughts on what your goals and dreams are and what you are already achieving.

Good for you!

So spend the next 30 minutes with a nice warm cup of something lovely, warm and delicious to drink.

Look over your goals and dreams and check in withyourself your successes and achievements this week and what you have done so far in achieving your goals and write on a seperate page what you are greatful for, what are you thankful for this week, now, and what you already have?

Jot it down and keep adding to it. It's organic and you can and will be adding to it each week.

Then I want you to write down what you would like to achieve for the week ahead. Without thinking too much about how you will do it, but it just plants a seed to get you prepared for the new week and action steps you would like to take to proppel you forward even more.

So just focus on how this week has made you feel, what it has given you and what you appreciate right now and what you have in your life that you are so greatful for.

Let's get to it... and I would love to know how you got on this week, what are you greatful for and what you want to achieve next week in the comments below this post... Until tomorrow guys

Have a great day

To your success.

Much love,


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