Keep active, well and connected are all key aspects of living a healthy lifestyle in times where we need to be looking after ourselves more than ever.

I am offering some weekly online group sessions in Calming and Relaxing Yoga, Relaxing Meditations and my husband Ravi Singh who is a trained Chef and a Health and Wellbeing Nutritionist who shares his years of knowledge on healthy eating, creating a strong Immune System and getting good quality sleep during challenging times.

I hope to be adding more online group sessions in the future, but for now these are all wonderful to help you have strong foundations to help keep you healthy and well throughout the year.

  • Relaxing Yoga

    Calming and Relaxing Online Live Group Sessions

  • Relaxing Meditation

    Finding Love and Peace during Crisis - Online Live Group Sessions and much more.

  • Immune Boosting Nutrition

    Improve your Immune health, Manage Stress, Find the right Balance with Diet and Supplements

  • Healthy Cooking Classes

    Healthy Indian and Thai Live Group Cooking Sessions

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