Naval Candling

50 mins - £50.00
Image by Jannes Jacobs

This ancient treatment has been used by many cultures and has helped to cleanse, purify and heal. Using a hollow herbal candle which is lighted and placed over the belly-button and then follows a relaxing tummy massage to ease and releases any areas that are experiencing discomfort or pain, especially in the lower back.

As with ear candling, the burning candle creates a vacuum and the gentle heat created assists with the dispelling of toxins.

Science reveals that a fully functioning of the Belly or Navel (tummy) plays a great role in Success & Happiness. The Belly has a mind of its own, the “enteric nervous system". Just like the larger brain in the head, researchers say, this system sends and receives impulses, records experiences and respond to emotions. It's nerve cells are bathed and influenced by the same neurotransmitters. The Belly can upset the brain just as the brain can upset the Belly.


The Navel (hara) is believed to be where our decisions are made, and where our core feelings, our loyalties, and our deep inner emotions are stored. In other words, it is the place of one’s true self. According to Ancient Eastern Philosophy the Navel or Hara is the seat of Life, the center of inherent energy. It is also referred to as a state of mind in the development of one’s character. One who activates the Navel is not likely to lose his balance, equanimity or serenity.

Benefits of navel candling includes:


  • aiding the removal of toxins through the body’s lymphatic system

  • alleviation of stomach flatulence,

  • stomach ache,

  • endocrine disorders

  • gastric problems caused by irregular eating habits.

  • In addition, navel candling can also aid in the relief of mild cold symptoms and enhance the

       body circulatory system.

When Not To Have a Naval Candling Treatment:

  • Menstruating/On period

  • Pregnant, Planning a Pregnancy or breast feeding

  • Eaten a large heavy meal in the past 1 hour before your treatment

  • Any inflammation

  • Any cold, flu, fever, even if its minor symptoms

  • Consumed any alcohol or prescription drugs in the past 12 hours

  • Liver or Kidney disease

  • Any Heart Conditions

  • Any Circulatory conditions

  • Any recent operations or recent surgery in the past 6 months

  • Any injuries and accidents in the past 6 months

  • High or Low Blood Pressure

  • Any infectious skin conditions

  • Any severe allergies to products used


This is a wonderful warming, gentle nurturing and relaxing, non-invasive treatment and I highly recommend it for everyone who has a tummy!


Regular treatment is recommended to get best results. Ideally 3 - 4 Sessions within 2 or 3 weeks of each therapy for best results.

Courses are available from 6 - 12 sessions. To find out more please contact Kelly to work around your goals, issues and budget.

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