Intuitive Tui Na - Meridian Massage

Pure Bliss Intuitive Tui Na Meridian Massage
60 mins - £65

Intuitive Meridian Massage is a form of Oriental ancient bodywork used in China, which includes healing style practices and therapies to help the body, mind and spirit to encompass peace and harmony from the stresses and strain of everyday life. It is a blend of rhythmic manipulation and pressure of soft tissue along the meridians of the body.

These could include: Acupressure, Ayurvedic Massage, Thai Massage, Tui Na Massage, Reflexology Foot massage and Indian Head Massage to name but a few.

Helping to create the ultimate massage for all of your body, mind and spiritual needs from the physical aches and pains to the emotional and mental aspects as well as the spiritual.

Every Intuitive Meridian Massage works with your own energy channels which in the east are called "Chi"

Tui Na is an ancient form of meridian massage developed over 2,000 years ago in China. Tui Na Meridian Massage is comprised of several massage techniques performed along the Meridians of the body to build and balance Chi flow, or the bio-electrical currents of the body. The Chinese have taught us that tension or pain in the body is the physical manifestation of blocked or stagnant Chi. Chinese Meridian Massage techniques increase the flow of Chi through the channels, clearing blocked energy, what we may refer to as tension, pain or soreness.

Tui Na goes beyond the muscles, bones and joints to work with the body on a deeper, energetic level.

What is Intuitive Tui Na - meridian Massage Good for:

Helping to treat neck pain and stiffness, shoulder pain, back pain, sciatica and tennis elbow. It can also help with headaches, constipation, premenstrual symptoms and some emotional problems also.

It can and should be used as a preventative form of treatment to maintain health and the accumulation of stress and injury.

It helps speed up the bodies ability to heal itself.

Benefits of a Intuitive Tui Na - Meridian Massage:

  • Stimulates the related points, channels and muscles of the body

  • Improves blood circulation and metabolism

  • Reduces neck pain and lower back pain

  • Helps depression

  • Helps insomnia

  • Helps ease headaches and migraines

  • Helps IBS - irritable bowel syndrome

  • Helps PMS - Pre-menstrual tension

  • Helps with emotional problems

  • Regulates the flow of the Qi

  • Removes stagnation and toxins

  • Balances internal organs

  • Recovers the functions of the tendons, bones and joints

  • Eliminates tiredness and fatigue

  • Helps to strengthen the body

  • Helps to ease pain

  • Alleviates stress and anxiety

What to Expect in an Intuitive Tui Na Massage:

Each session is fully customised to your needs and well-being and is deeply relaxing, and invigorating, helping you to be able to let go of stresses and strains. Taking you to an even deeper level of relaxation. 

The treatment is carried out once the therapist has assessed the client and their condition and asked a series of questions as well as explaining the treatment and what it is. You will then either sit up in a chair or lie down on the treatment massage bed, wearing loose fitting comfortable clothing or on bare skin depending on the area being treated in the session. 

Therapeutic oils are often used during the treatment, but mainly on the neck, hands and feet.

There can be a variety of methods and modalities used in a session which may be familiar to you if you have regular massages, such as soft tissue massage, acupressure and manipulation as well as pressure points over the meridian pathways to allow energy to flow freely around the body. Areas such as face, head, neck, hands and feet can be treated as well as upper and lower back, legs and arms if needed. 

The massage can be quiet gentle to firm pressure using palms, thumbs, fingers and elbows, as well as various stretches.

Each session is unique and different depending on the areas being treated and the severity of the issues.

As with other body therapies and bodywork, you may leave a little sore, light-headed or super charged after your treatment. So its highly recommended to have the rest of the day free after your treatment to enjoy the benefits and relaxation after the therapy to relax at home. Without the need to rush back to work or to the shops to get your weekly shop.

Time and relaxation are what is needed after an Intuitive Tui Na Massage.

Regular treatments are recommended for best results such as once a week or once every fortnight if possible.

Contraindications To a Intuitive Tui Na Massage:

  • Any massage contraindications listed here

  • Osteoporosis

  • Any fractures or injuries

  • Skin problems

  • Open wounds

  • Any viral infections

  • During your Menstrual cycle/period

  • Pregnancy, Planning a pregnancy or breast feeding

  • Fever or cold symptoms, even if they are mild symptoms

  • Infectious skin conditions

  • Consumed Alcohol or any drugs, including prescription drugs in the last 12 hours before your treatment

  • Eaten a heavy meal less than an hour before your massage

  • Have had any major surgical procedure in the past 3 months

  • Uncontrollable high blood pressure

  • If you are in a rush and have a busy schedule before and after your massage

  • Are going out socialising after your massage, not recommend after your massage as alcohol, caffeine and heavy meals must be avoided for at least 24 hours after your massage to avoid adverse effects.

If you would like to book an Intuitive Tui Na Meridian Massage please click the box below to get in contact with Kelly to book your session. Or contact Kelly to find out more about booking a course of sessions from 3-6-9 depending on your health and wellbeing goals and issues that you may have. To get the best benefits from this therapy.

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