It is now estimated that 75% of ailments, injuries,aches and pains are present due to stress or stress that you have experienced a while back. All of these Therapeutic Holistic Therapies allow the body to release stress, which contributes to repair and healing. All therapies include a further consultation, time for changing before and after treatment within the treatment time stated below. Why not experience the healing power of your body and what it can heal, with a gentle loving nudge in the right direction to help your body to become stronger, healthier and happier.

Start your healing journey today.

Energy Balancing Reiki Sessions - Perfect for Emotional Healing
First Treatment - 75 mins - £60                        60 mins - £45           30 mins - £20  
Taster Session - 20 mins - £15               Online Session on Skype or Zoom - 30 mins - £20
This traditional Japanese Energy healing therapy technique that works very well for stress release, relaxation as well as balancing the mind, body the emotional body.

As we know we are all energy and everything living around us is energy this therapy helps our energies to become balanced and in harmony again as our bodies and minds are meant to be.


But with the busy lives, most of us lead these days and the impact of stress, fatigue, our emotions, sicknesses and pain that impacts our everyday lives. It's no wonder our energies become low and out of balance.


We need to re-charge our energies, come back into balance and back into harmony and peace again.


This therapy is vital for the body and mind to function at it's optimal best and to keep in balance with the world around us to be able to cope with the constant changes that are happening in our world today. Read More...


Highly Recommend at Least 3-4 sessions within 2 or 3 weeks on any issue or to benefit from a healthy body and well-being.



Angelic Reiki Sessions 
First Session 60 mins - £50
Ongoing sessions - 45 mins - £35                
Online Sessions on Skype or Zoom - 30 mins - £20

"Angelic Reiki is the highest Divine Love aspect. It is the absolute joy of working hand in hand with the Angelic Kingdom of Light to bring one of the highest forms of healing to individuals, groups and the planet."  


Angelic Reiki is a safe, natural, high frequency, multidimensional system of Angelic Healing and consciousness expansion that allows connection through the Angelic Kingdom of Light to your Soul energy in order to bring through powerful healing.


Each person responds to the Divine vibration in accordance with their own level of development, and the healing vibration feels noticeably different from that of any other modality.


You are lovingly supported to let go of physical, emotional, mental, karmic imbalances and any ancestral issues throughout all generations of time and space.

Helping to raise your consciousness and allowing old thought patterns or low vibrational energy, to be removed and released naturally. 


Every Angelic Reiki session is unique to all of us. Why not try your 1st session...

Distant Reiki Session

No need to come to me. I can treat you anywhere.

Online on Skype or Zoom 30 mins - £20       

Using the power of Reiki as a healing medium to create peace and calm in your body and to help your body to naturally heal and repair whatever you are experiencing and in need of.

This therapy can be done at any time which suits you and anywhere. You can be on your sofa at home or in your own bed.

Just lay-back, relax and be open to the healing benefits from the power of Reiki.

Distant healing can be received anywhere, you do not need to visit

me to receive the benefit of Reiki.


This is a fantastic treatment for anyone anywhere, suffering from any problems or just to balance and to feel more grounded and content with life and to boost well-being and health.

It can also be used for any issues or concerns from the past, present or future issues you would like help on.


To book please contact Kelly to schedule your Distant Healing session.


Perfect for anyone who wishes to experience Reiki and ones who cannot reach me in person for treatment.

Reiki And Massage

All the amazing benefits of Reiki and Massage together

30 mins - £20

30min Reiki and 30min Massage - 60mins - £50

60min Reiki or Massage and 30min Reiki or Massage - 90min - £80

60min Reiki and 60min Massage - 120min - £110

Add Aromatherapy Oils with any of the above for an extra £5.00

Aura Therapy

working with your energetic field

45 mins - £40

Aura Therapy is generally designed to bring imbalances in the aura back into physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance.

The benefits can be subtle (like a general feeling of peace and well-being) or dramatic (like experiencing a spiritual transformation or feelings of ecstasy).  Changes may be immediate or can occur over several days.

Repeated therapy sessions can maintain and deepen the aura energy balance.

An aura is a protective psychic and spiritual energy field that surrounds the physical body.

Energy from an aura is usually not static. It is constantly flowing, flashing, vibrating, expanding, and decreasing. 


Using the healing power of Crystals, Gem stones, aura colours, and pure therapeutic high vibrational Aromatherapy oils as a healing medium to create peace and calm in your Auric field to help your body to function at its optimum best and allows it to Click here to read more...

Chakra Therapy

working with your CHAKRA CENTRES

45 mins - £40

Using the healing power of Crystals, Gem stones, aura colours, and pure aroma oils as a healing medium to create peace and calm in your energy body and to help each of your energy centers which are your Chakras to function at their optimum best and allows your body to naturally heal and repair what you are experiencing or in need of.


This therapy is done with you laying down and fully clothed. Just lay-back, relax and be open to the healing benefits from the power of energy therapy.


Our health and fully functioning balance of our Chakras are vital for our own health and well-being be it physically, emotionally and mentally. Without our Chakra's and their balance, we wouldn't be here. So it's vital to check in with your energy centres and create harmony between them and balance.


"When your energy enters (Chakras) are balanced your outer world and experiences will be in balance also. Whats going on inside of you is reflecting outwards and attracting all your experiences and outcomes in your life. Bring harmony and balance to your energy centres and your whole life will change, not only your energy and your health and well-being" 


This is a fantastic treatment for


45 mins - £30

This ancient treatment has been used by many cultures and have helped to cleanse, purify and heal. It is known for its physical benefits in treating ear and sinus problems. It is safe, non-invasive and a very pleasant and relaxing therapy to have.

Fantastic for Tinnitus, sinusitis, glue ear, hay fever, excessive ear wax, general hearing loss, low immune system, tension headaches, migraines, jaw pain, tension in the head, face and neck, travel sickness, snoring, stress relieving, problems with balance and insomnia as well as many other     medicinal benefits as well as promoting and boosting a healthy immune system and well-being.

Click Here for more information and benefits you can receive from a Hopi Ear Treatment

Treatment Includes: A pressure point face, neck and ear massage.


Regular treatment is recommended to get best results, depending on the severity of the concern.



1st Treatment - 50 mins - £40
On-going Treatments - 45 mins - £35

This ancient treatment has been used by many cultures and has helped to cleanse, purify and heal.

Using a hollow herbal candle which is lighted and placed over the belly-button and then follows a relaxing tummy massage to ease and releases any areas that are experiencing discomfort or pain, especially in the lower back.


As with ear candling, the burning candle creates a vacuum and the gentle heat created assists with the dispelling of toxins.


Science reveals that a fully functioning of the Belly or Navel (tummy) plays a large role in Success & Happiness. The Belly has a mind of its own, the “enteric nervous system". Just like the larger brain in the head, researchers say, this system sends and receives impulses, records experiences and responds to emotions. Its nerve cells are bathed and influenced by the same neurotransmitters as the brain. The Belly can upset the brain just as the brain can upset the Belly.


Benefits of navel candling include: aiding the removal of toxins through the body’s lymphatic system and also alleviation of stomach flatulence, stomachache, endocrine disorders and gastric problems caused by irregular eating habits. In addition, navel candling can also aid in the relief of mild cold symptoms and enhance the body circulatory system.


This is a wonderful warming, gentle nurturing and relaxing, non-invasive treatment and I highly recommend it for everyone who has a tummy! Click Here to Read More...




30 mins - £35

This traditional Indian Head Massage which has been practised by generations of Indian families within their home for centuries. Still holds true to its benefits and healing sensations it gives to the recipient.

Traditionally practised seated upwards. This treatment focuses on the head, face, neck and shoulders to relieve tension, aches and pains and to stimulate the circulation and promotes healthy hair growth.

This treatment is fantastic for people who suffer from headaches or migraines, the tension in their head, face, neck and shoulders, as well as stress-relieving and balancing the bodies healing energies. 

This treatment is a very powerful healing therapy that will have your body feeling lighter and more at peace with yourself.


Regular treatment is recommended for best results. 

Reflexology - Foot Massage 

60 mins - £55               45 mins - £45

Reflexology foot massage is an ancient Chinese massage dating back over 3000 years. It can be deeply relaxing and extremely therapeutic. It can help with many ailments and problems that you are facing as well as helping to repair and heal your body from stress or discomfort. Extremely effective at balancing and grounding the whole body and mind and bringing the body back into harmony and balance again.

Click here to


Each Treatment includes: An in-depth consultation and is 100% customised around your needs and areas of your concern.


60 min - £50                     90min - £85 (Including an Indian Head Massage)

Balance your whole bodies energy and physical health and well-being with this healing and relaxing Foot Therapy treatment which will help refresh tired, puffy feet and leave them feeling revitalised, refreshed and totally relaxed. This foot therapy is perfect for everybody and includes foot exfoliation, herbal mud mask and aromatherapy Reflexology massage and pressure points. Helping you to feel lighter on your feet and more balanced in body and mind.

Regular treatment is recommended for best results.



60 mins - £65              90 mins - £95 (Most Popular)         120 mins - £125.00

As many as 16 million UK adults are suffering from sleepless nights as a third (31%) say they have insomnia, almost half (48%) agree they don’t get the right amount of sleep.

On average, UK adults sleep for less than six hours per night; below the seven to nine hours sleep recommended by the National Sleep Foundation. 


With women getting an hour’s less sleep on average than men (six hours vs. seven), they are also more likely to say they aren’t getting the right amount of sleep and are currently suffering from insomnia. Sleep disruption is very common among many of the ladies and men I have met over my 23 years in this profession.

Here at Pure Bliss we know how vital your sleep is to your health and well-being of your body and your mind.

Our sleep massage therapy is specially developed to help re-set your sleeping patterns and help your body to naturally sleep better and deeper.

Click here to find out more...

Regular treatment is recommended for best results.


120 mins - £115.00

Hormones have a profound effects on your mental, physical and emotional health.

Hormonal ups and downs can wreak havoc on your life.  They can affect your mood, your weight, your food cravings, even your desire for sex.

These chemical messengers play a major role in controlling your appetite, weight and mood, among other things.

With many of my female clients today suffering with the effects of hormonal imbalance and hormonal changes during their 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's. Many having heavy and painful periods, planning a pregnancy, and wanting to conceive naturally, having babies and stages of Menopause also effecting every stage of a women's health and well-being are all affected by a healthy hormonal balance and response in the body.

The Happy Hormone massage therapy provides significant therapeutic value to counter hormonal shifts and includes a traditional relaxing Swedish massage to the back, neck, shoulders, lower back and hip area to bring about peace and calmness and to ease away tense sore muscles and includes a deeply relaxing head, face, neck, chest and shoulder massage using acupressure points to release tension in the upper part of the body and.. Click here to read more of whats included...

Regular treatment is recommended for best results.

Add on Therapies

Why not add on a particular therapy below you would like to have to any of the above therapies and make it truly an unforgettable treatment. See more of my Add-on Therapies by Clicking Here


Hand Massage - 15 mins - £10

Hand Reflexology - 15 mins - £10


Head Massage - 15 mins - £10

Indian Head Massage - 15 mins - £10


Express Mini Facial - 15 mins - £10      30 mins - £20

Express Mini Pressure Point Facial - 15 mins - £10     30 mins - £20


Mini Eye Pressure Point Treatment - 15 mins - £10

Mini Eye Treatment - 30 mins - £20


Mini Reiki Session - 15 mins - £10

Mini Angelic Reiki Session - 15 mins - £10         25 mins - £20


Mini Crystal Healing Session - 15 mins - £10


Add on Therapies

Foot Massage - 15 mins - £10

Reflexology - 15 mins - £10     30 mins - £20

Thai Foot Rocking Massage - 15 mins - £10

Foot Therapy - 30 mins - £25

Leg Massage - 15 mins - £10    30 mins - £20

Express Body Scrub - 30 mins - £25

Mini Meditation Session - 15 mins - £10

Extended Meditation Session - 30 mins - £20


To book any of the add on therapies to your Holistic Therapy session/s, please contact Kelly at pureblissretreats@mail.com

All of the following Therapies are provided at our Henley-On-Thames therapy room. If you would prefer if we came to you, this would incur a £5 call out charge, more charges depending on area and distance to and from your location. Please contact us to find out more.

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