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Energy Healing

Energy Balancing Reiki Sessions - Perfect for Emotional Healing
First Treatment - 75 mins - £60                        60 mins - £45                     30 mins - £20                   Taster Session - 20 mins - £15
Online Sessions on Skype or Zoom - 30 mins - £15
This traditional Japanese Energy healing therapy technique that works very well for stress release, relaxation as well as balancing the mind, body the emotional body.

As we know we are all energy and everything living around us is energy this therapy helps our energies to become balanced and in harmony again as our bodies and minds are meant to be.

But with the busy lives most of us lead these days and the impact of stress, fatigue, our emotions, sicknesses and pain that impacts our everyday lives. It's no wonder our energies become low and out of balance.

We need to re-charge our energies, come back into balance and back into harmony and peace again.

This therapy is vital for the body and mind to function at it's optimal best and to keep in balance with the world around us to be able to cope with the constant changes that are happening in our world today.

If your energy is low" due to stress or fatigue, then we are more likely to get sick. If it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

This beautiful healing treatment can be beneficial to every living thing, young and old, anyone.

It is simple, natural and is an extremely safe healing technique, that can help treat pain, emotionally and physically. There is always a beneficial effect on everybody that receives it. Try this amazing healing treatment and transform the way you feel forever.

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Highly Recommend at Least 3-4 sessions within 2 or 3 weeks on any issue or to benefit from a healthy body and well-being.