Our 2019 Rejuvenation Program

Our 2019 Rejuvenation Program opens its doors on the 7th January and the start of your new life transformation! 


  • Create your life the way you want to,

  • Re-direct your thoughts into powerful life changing events that shape your future and transform how your body looks and feels forever with our top-to-toe 8 week program designed by Beauty and Holistic Therapist, new life transformation coach, meditation teacher Kelly Singh as well as International Chef and Nutritionist Ravi Singh.

  • To help you to transform your health, your life, your body, mind and spirit. To give you a happier, healthier and wealthier YOU!


And it all starts from with a YES!


YES To Change

YES To Focus

YES To New Opportunities

YES To Growth

YES To New Beginnings

YES To New Transitions

YES To A Happier, Healthier, More Joyful and Wealthier YOU!



Send us your YES For change and YES for joining us on this Life Transforming Program which all starts on 7th January 2019. 


It can either done one-to-one for 8 weeks face-to-face or on skype at home 


Or you can do it in your own time on your own.


We have made it super easy for you to fit it into your day to day lives, easy to understand and really easy to implement in your own life to create results instantly!


What is it?


  • It's life changing new techniques that help you to live better, happier and healthier.


From our extensive knowledge of 38 years in total between us, we are sharing all our knowledge and techniques that we have accumulated over the years and practice in our own lives to create the life that we love and that you can also in our easy to follow step-by-step program.


It's Healthy food, healthy mindset, healthy body inside and out, blissful meditations, beautiful realigning yoga techniques to help with back issues and posture, massages, facials, and lots of beautiful products and time for YOU! 


What else could you ask for?


  • Its top-to-toe, inside and out total body and mind feeding and nurturing.

  • To help you to transform into the beautiful person that you are.



Just say YES to You and starting right...


Just Sign up below by saying YES if you would like to join us on our 8 week program of Rejuvenation in January!


Looking Forward to taking you on this amazing journey of transformation of...YOU!

Our One-to-One program of 8 weeks which starts on January 7th 2019 and runs for 8 weeks, each week we work on different areas of your body, mind and life, to make it easier.


This program also includes our Signature 90min Pure Bliss Full Body Massage by Kelly Singh to help you in the process of transition as well as our Signature 75min Pure Bliss Facial which is valued over £155.00 to give you a skin make-over.


As well as private one-to-one Meditation and Yoga sessions with Kelly

Nutritional advice and guidance and healthy new recipes designed around your needs, foods your body should be eating for your body type and blood type by Ravi.

As well as products that are best for your skin and ones you REALLY should avoid!


And many, many, more...


This program is fully guided throughout and you can communicate by email throughout the 8 week program. You are taken by the hand and guided through each step of transformation and healing of past issues and things that have blocked you from achieving what you want.


This package is worth over £1,000 in value.


But our One-to-One Rejuvenation package for this 8 week program is ONLY £400.00 


That's only £50 a month (thats the price of some gym monthly membership) 

That's £7.14 a day! for life transforming insights and guidance from 2 professional international specialists in the mind, body, food and everything else in-between business!


So say YES to investing in YOU!

Invest in yourself! 

Invest in YOUR life and YOUR life changes TODAY!


Sign up to the new YOU TODAY!



We look forward to having you on board!



Or you can take our online program which is done in your own time, at your own pace. Without the massage, facial and one-to-one sessions and guidance by us personally.


It's all set up for you online for you to follow at your own pace! It's so super easy!


This is perfect if you prefer to do things in your own time and learn at your own pace, or only have a short time span each week, thats ok!


This program is perfect for you.


It's again 8 weeks and includes video tutorials from us, meditation, yoga techniques that you can incorporate into your own life as well as our teachings and guidance by pdf documents and mp3 recordings.


To get this program online at your own pace.


Please send me a Yes/Online in the box above to let me know you are interested! 


The program is worth over £1,000.00 in value but our online program is only 


£45.00 (unbelievable!!)

Or if you want a personalised plan which includes a full online consultation with us to help you with specific health concerns? It's £100


To say YES to this amazing investment to your own personal development just fill in the box above.


We look forward to having you on board!

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